Luggage Comparison: Samsonite vs. American Tourister

Travelling is supposed to be for relaxation and pleasure. Worrying about baggage seems like a job that should not be on the list. Different kinds of travelers have different preferences for luggage based on their needs and requirements.

We are going to rescue you from the hassle of finding the perfect luggage for you to make your investment-worthy. For casual travelers, Samsonite and American Tourister have been the go-to luggage option for a long time.

What can be more appealing than getting to know both these brands together briefly before you start your next trip?

Samsonite vs. American Tourister

Before digging into individual features let’s learn some of the key features that the brands hold. This will be a head start for you to begin the brainstorming of your own preferences too.

Samsonite vs. American Tourister | Whats Better?



  • Samsonite is currently leading the luggage industry which started its journey from 1941
  • Samsonite focuses on creating durable and long-lasting products rather than focusing on the design
  • The brand also has excellent warranty offers that is totally worth the price you will be paying
  • Comes with a built-in TSA lock

American Tourister

American Tourister

  • American Tourister has been a staple choice for most of the people for almost three quarters of a century
  • This brand also provide their customers with manufacturer defect warranty
  • It is considered as a trustworthy choice for caring fragile goods
  • American Tourister seems very light weighted and has an eye catchy appearance

As now we have gained some knowledge about both the brands, we will proceed to find out the detailed descriptions of the key features of the luggage of Samsonite and American Tourister.

After finishing the whole discussion I am quite sure you will be able to draw the distinction table of your desired features and decide to go for the one that is suitable for you.

Moreover, this discussion will come handy for you to help you in hauling the right one instead of ending up confusing you like every time.




Like most of the other brands, Samsonite also has three different size options. Small carry-on bags, mid-size luggage and larger case luggage are the categories. All these have different functionalities.

The carry-on can be taken inside the plane, mid-size luggage are basically for short trips and the large case luggage are for longer trips. If the trip is short, the large case one will easily pack two or more person’s things at a time.

American Tourister

The American Tourister also has the same three size categories. They are mostly known as checked bags.

Carry-ons are extremely suitable for quick work tours or fun picnic plans. They are very easy to carry and create no extra inconvenience.

The medium checked bag comes in the height of 27 inch. They can easily grab clothes for a week or less.

The large checked bag is more or less shorter than 32 inch. It has room for various items like clothes, toiletries and other gear stuff.

Material And Durability

Material and durability


Samsonite luggage is mostly light weighted which helps to carry more clothes and gears. This feature makes it easier to carry and more clothes can be fitted due to the light weight case.

If you want to go for hard case luggage it will be durable and firm but the soft cases are more flexible and can be carried anywhere.

Storing the soft case luggage is also convenient. It can be handled well while travelling if you choose the good quality ones.

Soft cases are made with Nylon which is more durable than any other polyester covered bag.

American Tourister

This brand here provides nylon-polyester mix material in the soft case luggage. They are very useful as because of the material it becomes water repellent.

Polyester is a lot cheaper than nylon. So in this case American Tourister works well for those who are looking for luggage at a cheaper price.

The flexibility of these soft case bags make it easier to use and carry. But in comparison to the soft case ones, the hard case ones are more durable.

Though they are heavier and hard to store in any place, they are good for you if you are going on a long tour where you need to stay for a longer time and carry a large amount of stuff.




The luggage generally has a lot of room to pack the things you want. Except for the hard case ones, Samsonite luggage have both internal and external storage capacity.

It has extra pockets to carry the small and delicate things safely. The pocket seems a very advantageous option while packing. Also the outer pockets of soft case bags have pockets to throw any last minute essentials.

American Tourister

However the interior compartments of American Tourister luggage have multi-purpose use options.

Small pockets can have things like toothbrushes, socks, under garments and found easily because of these mesh pockets.

Some of the luggage have partitions in the middle to keep the shoes separate. It can be used for keeping wet or dirty clothes if you plan to hit the beach any day.

Wheels And Locks

Wheels and Locks


For carrying the luggage comfortably by pushing and pulling, the Samsonite has 2 wheelers or 4 spinner wheels. The 4 spinner wheelers are of extraordinary quality and made in Japan.

They are the best quality wheels in the industry.  One of the main attractive features of Samsonite luggage is the built-in TSA lock feature. In this case the bag stays harmless even if there is a need for any determination search.

American Tourister

All American Tourister do not have wheels but some of them have 2 wheels at the back or 4 spinner wheels at the bottom.

Apart from the wheels, almost every model contains easy accessible and stretchable handles. American Tourister do not have built-in TSA locks. Because of this your luggage might be broken while being checked by the TSA.




Luggage of Samsonite is more costly than the other brand. Although it is not too expensive, compared to most other luggage in the field, we can call them some good quality with impressive features mid-range luggage.

The price will obviously differ in order to what product you tend to buy.

American Tourister

One good thing about American Tourister is you can buy a single or set of these luggage. The set range starts from 2 to 5 pieces.

In this system, you can buy one set with a different model of luggage which makes the usability more efficient.

In addition to that, the single luggage costs more than the sets. So, the set offer seems a good deal if you are concerned about the price.


I bet at the end of this whole article you have at least decided what features you want in your bag while you are travelling.

Both the brands are the best in this field and have their individual top-notch facilities. Whether you choose Samsonite or American Tourister, you are going to have some amazing experiences on your trips.

So before it’s too late, make some wise decision and invest in your luggage.

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