How To Measure A Duffel Bag For Carry On – Simple Method

How To Measure A Duffel Bag For Carry On

If you’re looking for a good duffel bag to take on your next vacation, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up our top picks of carry-on bags, along with our advice on how to measure a duffel bag for carry on.   Duffel Bags Are Allowed To Be Carried? Yes, duffel bags … Read more

What Size Suitcase Do I Need for 2 Weeks – Explained

There are so many great options when it comes to suitcases, but the one that you will use the most is probably your carry-on. What size suitcase do I need for 2 weeks? That’s why we made this handy guide that gives you all the information you need to decide what size suitcase you should … Read more

How Big Is A 50 Pound Suitcase? Explained

How Big Is A 50 Pound Suitcase

How big is a 50 pound suitcase? A 50-pound suitcase is a huge piece of luggage, weighing twice as much as most of the suitcases available in the market. This weight makes it inconvenient to carry around, especially when you are travelling by train or an airplane. The 50-pound suitcase is used for international trips … Read more

Average Weight of Packed Suitcase – Important Things To Know

Average Weight of Packed Suitcase

A traveler’s bag is the one that matters. What is the average weight of packed suitcase? It can determine your success or failure at an airport check-in counter, or help you get through security faster at an airport security line. It can also have a direct impact on how much time you will spend on … Read more

Luggage Comparison: Samsonite vs. American Tourister

Samsonite vs. American Tourister

Travelling is supposed to be for relaxation and pleasure. Worrying about baggage seems like a job that should not be on the list. Different kinds of travelers have different preferences for luggage based on their needs and requirements. So which is better? Samsonite vs. American Tourister We are going to rescue you from the hassle … Read more

Why is Tumi Inc. So Expensive? [Brand Overview]

Why is Tumi Inc. so expensive

Do you want to buy products from TUMI? Well, it is a luxury high-end brand for suitcases and bags. Everybody will agree to have some products from a luxury brand, won’t they? Tumi was founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975. The company is based in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Also, Tumi Inc. was part of … Read more

Crossbody Travel Bag With Water Bottle Holder For Comfortable Travelling

Crossbody travel bag with water bottle holder

Do you love to travel? Or any further adventurous activities. If yes, you may need purses with an organizer compartment suitable for carrying your vital things since water is one of the very important things. So a crossbody travel bag with water bottle holder is perfect for your journey. You read that correctly; we accomplish … Read more

Samsonite Suitcase Lock Jammed – What To Do?

Samsonite Suitcase Lock Jammed- What to Do

Samsonite locks are quite popular, especially when it’s on the suitcase or luggage; you can’t travel with a suitcase trusting the zips or temporary locks, can you? Well, you would definitely want a lock for a suitcase from a renowned brand & that may be Samsonite; some people ask a question- Samsonite suitcase lock jammed- … Read more

Do You Have To Pay Baggage Fees For Connecting Flights? [Facts Explored]

Do You Have To Pay Baggage Fees For Connecting Flights

Visitors on connecting flights have many concerns, such as if their baggage will make it to their final destination or whether they will have to pick it up at the airport and check it in again.  So, do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting flights? The most popular question is whether or not … Read more

Baggage Claim Ticket – Everything You Need to Know!

Baggage Claim Ticket.

When you are about travel on a plane, especially if it’s in an international one, then you must encounter the baggage claim ticket. It’s a part & parcel for you because you may not find or gather your belongings well if you’re not aware of this. Once I forgot to collect my baggage ticket from … Read more