Uber XL Luggage [Passengers Guide]

Uber XL is the service Uber provides for six passengers. Usually, Uber cars allow four passengers. But if you are traveling with friends and family, Uber XL will be a better choice. Uber XL luggage system is amazing for carrying much baggage.

Lyft XL also serves the same purpose. But up to 5 passengers are allowed. Of course, if you are going on a family trip, you must have a carry-on with you. 

So, it’s a common concern that how much luggage you are allowed to carry. I have discussed this in this article.

Uber XL Luggage

Cars of Uber XL

Cars of Uber XL

Usually, the cars Uber XL uses are SUVs, minivans. Honda Odyssey, Mitsubishi Outlander, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Highlander, Kia Sorreto, Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, and Chevrolet Traverse are appropriate for Uber XL. Uber XL rides are costlier than UberX rides.

Luggage Space In Uber XL

Luggage Space in Uber XL

You can see, these cars are very spacious and have a lot of room inside. You are already paying extra money for an adequate room. So, you don’t want to pay more for extra luggage.

In UberX or Lyft rides, you are allowed up to 4 passengers. But their luggage compartment will be sufficient for 3-4 small luggage or 2-3 large luggage. 

If you cannot pack your luggage in the trunk, you can carry them with you in the car.

However, In Uber XL, you get the advantage of extra space in the trunk. You can pack at least 4-5 large-size bags or 5-6 medium luggage in the car. 

If there are less than six passengers in the car, you can even carry your baggage in the car and use the unoccupied seats. 

You can even fold down the third-row seats and put your stuff there while traveling. But it’s unlikely to carry both six adults and their six large bags in one Uber XL. So it would help if you carried some of your luggage inside the car with the passengers.

Most Uber cars do not have extra luggage carriers outside the car. If you are traveling in a group, keep that in mind. 

As Uber is primarily recommended for ridesharing, not for cargo, they do not have luggage racks.

If you are traveling with heavy suitcases, make sure to call the Uber driver and ask him if he has emptied his trunk or not. 

Though according to Uber’s policy, you get the space for yourself. But still, it is better to be safe than sorry. So you can politely ask them about the available luggage space.

Again, not all cars have the same cargo space, so you better ask the driver first.     

Uber SUV

Uber SUV

As you know, minivans and SUVs have more cargo space, and you can choose them.

You have another option named Uber SUV. That is also a good option for you. Uber SUV also allows six adult passengers and 6+ luggage. 

However, it can cost you more. But remember, you are paying for one ride instead of two.


However, if you carry more luggage than usual, be polite to the driver as they are not responsible for helping you out. In most cases, they do help, although it is not a part of their job.  I hope now you know about Uber XL luggage.

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