Is Vayama Legit? [Should You Know]

Travelers have been inspired to schedule visits to numerous places across the world, thanks to Vayama. Vayama supports all current reservations. They will keep you informed about your flight and ensure that you receive prompt service. So, is Vayama legit?

Yet, Vayama is not 100% reliable. People sometimes complain because they do not understand the conditions of the tickets they purchased or because some problems or modifications need to be made.

It can apply to any third party to some extent; therefore, it is typically preferable to book directly with the airline.

Is Vayama Legit – Travel Reviews


Is Vayama Legit

How Safe Is Vayama

How Safe is Vayama

Vayama is comparatively cheap since it sells you the impression of tickets. Vayama may claim that you have reservations, but they are most likely falsified. As a result, if you are lucky, you will be alright until you get to the airport.

Otherwise, you will be in trouble and will have to pay the total price for actual tickets from a legitimate OTA or the airline directly. Vayama solely sells the ability to book a flight. So, you are stuck if the airline you choose does not obtain verification from Vayama.

If there are no complications with your flight, such as revisions or cancellations, it works rather well; but, if Vayama is required to do anything other than issue the original ticket, everything goes wrong.

Yes, you can book if you are convinced that the chances are close to zero. Vayama is an honest company. They are not a con. But they sure have severe customer service issues. If there is a chance you will need to change the reservation, do not take the opportunity.

Vayama Service In Covid

Vayama Service in Covid

Many travelers are eager to return to the flights, and countless passengers remain affected by pandemic-related service changes. Airlines shorten schedules and decrease staffing, resulting in continued flight cancellations throughout the world.

Passengers had to struggle hard for reimbursements early in the epidemic. In several situations, airlines refused to provide refunds and instead offered travel credits, prompting many would-be fliers to seek reimbursement via the Transportation Department.

Although a few airlines have changed their refund procedures since then, some customers are still having trouble making sense of the changes and claiming refunds when they are entitled.

Vayama will have to request a refund from the airline. Vayama will subtract its fees and transfer the remaining to you once this is received. Every airline and travel agency office on the planet is currently in disarray.

A reasonable reimbursement timeline would be two or three months. Like other third parties, Vayama also let customers down. Vayama failed to give a refund for covid flight cancelation and keep hanging customers for more than a year now.

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As spoken before, Vayama is not a scam company. But because of their poor service, people tend to disbelieve their system and service. Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with Vayama and advise against booking via them.

The flight had to be canceled due to Covid and other limitations. We have been trying for a refund for over a year with no luck and only poor excuses. In a case, a customer stated that they were claiming that they canceled flight tickets, but Vayama neglected to cancel one.

That is how those travelers only received a refund for one ticket. There are many related cases like this in the case of Vamaya service. Vayama provides a genuinely depressing experience.

Their client assistance is unprofessional and lacking insensitivity. Some clients stated that Vayama keeps them waiting for a year and accused the airlines of it.

Pros & Cons


  • Travelers can find affordable deals.
  • Fast booking and verification.


  • People rather like dealing directly with airlines.
  • Travelers may have a negative perspective on online reviews.
  • Late reservation confirmation.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have the email verifying the cancellation, file a refund with your credit card provider.
  • You can also send Vayamavoice a direct message. That is their customer service director, who follows up with customers both publicly and personally.
  • Immediately write an email or inform the customer service.


It is better to connect directly if you do not want any extra hassle in the process. Use the third-party companies for inquiry, but purchase with the airline personally. There is no intermediary when you book straight with the airline.

It avoids issues that may arise when employing a third party. Always double-check if the price you believe is so low and appealing includes all taxes and fees. In many circumstances, third-party booking sites offer a better deal than the airline.

People begin to suspect them of being con artists as a result of this. The rates displayed are not deceptive; they are just unavailable for purchase through the airline. It is a promotion, not a service when you see a price. I hope now you know is Vayama legit or not.

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