16 Airline Food Jokes [That Will Make You Laugh]

Airline food jokes have been a classic subject of stand-up comedy for decades. The stereotypical bland and unappetizing meals served on flights have become a source of humour for many comedians, often poking fun at aeroplane food’s quality or lack thereof.

While airline food has improved in recent years, with some airlines offering gourmet meals and special dietary options, jokes continue to be a staple in comedy routines. When you’re stuck on an aeroplane for hours, the last thing you want to do is feeling sick.

Airline food jokes are funny – they take the edge off the situation. And not only do they make you laugh, but they also remind you that no matter how long the flight is, at least you’re not going to starve to death. Read on for 16 aviation jokes that will make you laugh and make your flight more bearable.

Airline Food Jokes

Why Are Airline Food Jokes So Funny?

Airline food jokes have become a staple in the comedy world, but have you ever wondered why they are so funny? Perhaps it’s because airline food has a reputation for being less than appetizing, making it an easy target for comedians. Or maybe it’s because we can all relate to the experience of feeling disappointed by a lacklustre meal on a long flight.

Whatever the reason may be, there’s no denying that airline food jokes continue to be a source of amusement for many people. So the next time you find yourself chuckling at a joke about aeroplane meals, remember that you’re definitely not alone.

16 Airline Food Jokes What you need to Know

16 Aviation Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Airline food has long been a source of comedic material and for a good reason. With its questionable quality and limited options, it’s no wonder people have come up with countless airline food jokes over the years. Airline food jokes have been a staple of stand-up comedy for decades.

From the classic “What’s the deal with airline food?” to newer, more creative jokes about the dubious quality of in-flight meals, comedians have had a field day poking fun at this often-maligned aspect of air travel. Here are 16 airline food jokes that are sure to make you chuckle:

1.Why Do Airlines Serve Such Small Portions Of Food?

Ah, the age-old question: why do airlines serve such small food portions? The answer is simple – they don’t want you to get too comfortable. After all, if you’re busy snacking and enjoying a full meal, you might forget you’re on a cramped aeroplane with no legroom or personal space.

So, instead of serving hearty meals, airlines opt for tiny portions that leave you craving more. Of course, this strategy has its downsides – namely, hangry passengers ready to mutiny after a few hours in the air. But hey, at least the airline can save a few bucks on food costs, right?

2.Why Did The Airline Capitulate To The Unions?

Airline food jokes have been a staple of stand-up comedy for decades, and good reason. There’s something about the unappetizing nature of airline meals that lends itself perfectly to humour. One classic joke asks, “Why did the airline capitulate to the unions?

Because they couldn’t find anyone willing to eat that food!” While making fun of airline food may be tempting, it’s important to remember that many airlines are working hard to improve their menus and offer more appetizing options. So next time you’re on a flight and feeling hungry, try giving the airline food a chance – who knows, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

3.How Do You Know When An Airline Is Losing Money?

How Do You Know When An Airline Is Losing Money

A few key indicators can suggest an airline is losing money. Firstly, if the airline consistently offers deep discounts and promotions on tickets to fill up seats, this may indicate they are struggling to attract passengers at their regular fares.

Additionally, if the airline is reducing the number of available flights, cutting back on staff or amenities, or delaying important upgrades to their fleets, it may be a sign that they are trying to save money to stay afloat. Finally, looking at the airline’s financial reports can provide insight into its overall profitability and any red flags such as increasing debt or declining.

4.How Can You Tell If A Passenger Is Sick On An Airplane?

How Can You Tell If A Passenger Is Sick On An Airplane

As a passenger on an aeroplane, thinking about the possibility of someone being sick while onboard can be concerning. Flight attendants are trained to look for symptoms such as fever, coughing, and difficulty breathing to identify potentially ill passengers. They may also ask if anyone is feeling unwell during pre-flight announcements. If a passenger does appear to be sick, they will be isolated from others and given medical attention as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone onboard.

5.Why Did The Airline Seat Someone Next To A Sick Person On Their Flight?

It’s important to note that airlines typically do not intentionally seat passengers next to someone sick. However, in some cases, a passenger may become ill during the flight, which may not be immediately apparent to the crew.

Additionally, factors such as a fully booked flight or last-minute changes to seating arrangements can sometimes result in passengers being seated closer together than ideal. In any case, airlines take measures to minimize the risk of spreading illness onboard and will provide medical attention as necessary.

6.How Do You Know When An Airline Is Going Bankrupt?

Whether or not an airline is going bankrupt can be difficult to determine, as companies may choose to keep financial struggles private. However, there are signs that may indicate financial trouble, such as cuts in services, layoffs, and reduced flight schedules.

Additionally, news reports and industry analysis may provide insight into the airline’s financial health. In any case, if you have concerns about an airline’s financial stability, it’s best to contact their customer service or consult a travel agent before booking your trip.

7.Why Don’t Airlines Have Better Food?

Airlines face unique challenges when providing quality food at 35,000 feet. First and foremost, the limited space and resources on planes make it difficult to provide various fresh ingredients and cooking methods.

Additionally, airlines must consider factors such as shelf life, food safety regulations, and passenger preferences when selecting their menu items. However, many airlines are working to improve their in-flight dining experience by partnering with celebrity chefs, offering pre-order meal options, and investing in higher-quality ingredients.

8.What’s The Worst Thing About Air Travel?

What's The Worst Thing About Air Travel

One of the worst things about air travel is the potential for delays and disruptions, which can be caused by various factors such as weather, mechanical issues, and air traffic control. These delays can impact travel plans, cause frustration and stress for passengers, and potentially result in missed connections or cancelled flights.

Additionally, some people may find the experience of flying uncomfortable due to factors such as cramped seating, turbulence, or motion sickness. However, airlines constantly work to improve the overall travel experience and minimize these challenges for their passengers.

9.Why Do Airlines Always Put The Weakest Items First On The Menu?

Airlines don’t necessarily put the weakest items first on the menu but prioritize items that are most popular and likely to appeal to a wide range of passengers. Additionally, some airlines may use data and feedback from previous flights to inform their menu selection.

It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to food, and what one person may consider the weakest item could be someone else’s favourite. Ultimately, airlines strive to provide a balance of options to cater to all tastes and dietary restrictions.

10.When Is A Meal Not A Meal?

When Is A Meal Not A Meal

A meal is not when it fails to meet the basic requirements of providing sustenance and nourishment. Unfortunately, some airlines have faced criticism for offering meals lacking quality or nutritional value, leaving passengers feeling unsatisfied or even hungry. To ensure that a meal is truly a meal, airlines must focus on providing high-quality ingredients, balanced nutrition, and attentive service to create a satisfying dining experience for all passengers.

11.Why Can’t You Trust An Airline Food Joke?

You can’t trust an airline food joke because it’s often based on outdated stereotypes and misinformation. While airline food may have had a bad reputation, many airlines now offer high-quality meals prepared by skilled chefs using fresh ingredients. Making fun of aeroplane food is no longer accurate or funny, and it’s important to recognize airlines’ efforts to improve the dining experience for their passengers.

12.What’s The Difference Between Airline Food And Fast Food?

The difference between the airline and fast food is primarily in preparation and presentation. Airline meals are typically served on individual trays with real silverware, while fast food is often served in paper or plastic containers.

Additionally, airline meals are usually prepared on board or in a catering kitchen using high-quality ingredients. While fast food is often pre-made and reheated. Overall, airline food tends to be more sophisticated and of higher quality than fast food.

13.Why Don’t Airlines Serve Food With An Unlimited Supply?

Airlines don’t serve food with an unlimited supply because of practical limitations in storage and logistics. Aeroplanes have limited space for storing food and beverages. And it’s not feasible to stock enough supplies for every passenger to have unlimited access. Additionally, serving unlimited food could create waste and lead to higher costs for airlines, which they may pass on to passengers through higher ticket prices. Instead, airlines typically offer a set number of meals or snacks per flight, often with additional options for purchase.

14.Why Did The Airline Serve A Sack Of Potatoes As The Main Course?

Because they ran out of rubber chicken. While airline food may have a bad reputation, it’s important to remember that catering for thousands of passengers at 30,000 feet is no easy feat. Despite this, some airlines have stepped up their game in recent years and are offering gourmet meals prepared by top chefs. So, the next time you’re on a flight and presented with a questionable-looking meal, just remember to keep your sense of humour and appreciate the effort to feed passengers mid-air.

15.Why Did The Airline Order A Turkey Instead Of Chicken Nuggets For Its Meal On Christmas Day?

It’s not common for airlines to switch up their meal offerings during holidays, and Christmas is no exception. While chicken nuggets may be a popular choice for kids, airlines often opt for more traditional holiday meals on Christmas Day. And what’s more traditional than a turkey dinner? So, if you found yourself digging into roasted turkey instead. Of your usual chicken nuggets on a Christmas Day flight, now you know why.

16.How Can You Tell If An Airline Served Your Meal On Time?

If you’re wondering whether your meal was served on time during a flight, there are a few ways to find out. Firstly, the airline will usually announce the meal service schedule at the beginning of the flight.

You can also keep an eye on the cabin crew and see when they begin serving meals to other passengers. In some cases, airlines provide in-flight entertainment systems . That display the meal service schedule and allow you to track the progress of your flight. If you’re unsure about the timing of your meal service, don’t hesitate to ask the cabin crew for more information.

Why Is Airline Food So Bad?

There are a few reasons why airline food is often lacklustre. Firstly, the altitude can affect our sense of taste and smell, making even the most delicious meals seem bland. Also, airlines must deal with limited space and resources when preparing and storing food. This means they often rely on pre-packaged. Or reheated meals that may not be as fresh or flavorful as a meal prepared in a restaurant.

Lastly, airlines must also consider their passengers’ dietary restrictions and preferences. Which can make it difficult to create meals that will please everyone. While we may continue to joke about airline food, it’s important to remember. The challenges airlines face in providing a satisfactory dining experience at 30,000 feet.

Why Do Airlines Serve Such Terrible Food?

Passengers often revile airline food, but there’s a reason. It’s not always the best quality, and it’s often served in poor condition. For example, airline food often makes with cheaper ingredients and reheated or prepped in bulk. This means the food isn’t as delicious as it could be and often suffers from hygiene problems.

In addition, in-flight entertainment is usually poor quality, so passengers often turn to their food for entertainment instead. Airlines that rank poorly in hygiene and food quality rely heavily on food service to compensate. So, the next time you’re flying, bring some of your favourite airline food jokes to make the experience more bearable.


Airline food may have a reputation for being less-than-appetizing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun poking fun at it. There are plenty of airline food jokes, from “mystery meat” to soggy sandwiches. And while the quality of in-flight meals may vary depending on the airline and the route.

One thing is for sure: these jokes will always be a classic. So next time you find yourself on a long-haul flight with nothing. But a sad-looking tray of food, just remembers: at least you’ve got . Some material for your stand-up comedy routine.

However, here is our list of the funniest airline food jokes! Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, these jokes will have you chuckling to your destination. Airline food jokes are a great way to lighten the mood and make the journey more bearable. Don’t wait any longer – start laughing today with our 16 hilarious airline food jokes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s The Deal With In-Flight Entertainment?

In-flight entertainment has become an essential part of air travel. It offers passengers a variety of options to keep them entertained during their flight, from movies and TV shows to music and games. Airlines have recognized the importance of in-flight entertainment and are constantly upgrading their systems to give passengers a better experience. Some airlines even offer onboard Wi-Fi so passengers can stay connected during the flight.

How Do Airline Food Jokes Usually Work?

Typically, airline food jokes involve complaining about the quality of the food or how it’s served. Sometimes they’re funny, but most of the time, they just serve as a way to express displeasure with airlines and their service.

What Do You Get When You Cross An Airplane And A Banana?

You get a weird-looking fruit that’s generally not eaten due to its strange appearance. Airlines have capitalized on this by serving up bananas to make passengers more uncomfortable. Surprisingly, the banana is one of the airline’s most popular menu items – it just happens to be disgusting.

Do Airline Meals Have To Be So Bland?

Many people believe that airline food is always terrible and that it’s one of the reasons they don’t travel as often as they’d like. However, this is not always the case. Most airlines do their best to provide a nutritious meal that is also on budget.

While most meals are usually hit or miss, they’re never bad, like viruses or bacteria. And even though flying can be tedious and time-consuming, enjoying onboard food while you still can is always worth it.

Can You Trust The Airline Food Nutrition Labels?

Although airline food may seem like a great deal at first, the reality is that it is loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats. This can lead to weight gain and other health problems. In addition, the nutritional labels on the food are often inaccurate – they list ingredients that have substitutes for others or omit important details.

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