Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage: A Comprehensive Guide

The Amsterdam airport luggage storage service provides travelers a convenient and secure option to store their belongings while exploring the city or waiting for a connecting flight.



We will provide a detailed guide on Amsterdam Airport’s various luggage storage options. We will cover the different types of luggage storage facilities, their locations, opening hours, pricing, and the pros and cons of each option.

Additionally, we will also provide you with tips on how to choose the best luggage storage option that suits your needs and budget. From traditional luggage storage lockers to mobile storage solutions, Amsterdam Airport offers a variety of options to help you store your luggage securely.

Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage

How Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage Services Can Make Your Trip Stress-Free

How Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage Services Can Make Your Trip Stress-Free

Amsterdam airport luggage storage services are a great way to make your trip stress-free. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, carrying heavy bags can be a hassle. Thankfully, the airport offers a range of luggage storage options to suit every need.

From short-term storage to long-term solutions, there are plenty of ways to ensure your bags are safe and secure while you explore the city. By taking advantage of these services, you can save the hassle of lugging heavy bags around town and focus on enjoying your trip.

One of the most popular options is the airport’s self-service lockers. You simply store your bags in the locker, pay the fee, and receive a code allowing you to access your belongings whenever needed. Another option is the manned luggage storage service, which provides a more personalized experience. Here, you can entrust your bags to a staff member who will keep them.

Types Of Luggage Storage Options Available At Amsterdam Airport

Types Of Luggage Storage Options Available At Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam airport offers various luggage storage options for travelers, depending on their needs and preferences. One of the most popular options is the self-service lockers available at different locations throughout the airport. Another option is the baggage drop-off service, which allows travelers to drop off their luggage at a dedicated counter and have it stored for a specific period.

This service is ideal for those who want to explore the city without carrying heavy bags. Additionally, Amsterdam Airport provides a luggage wrapping service, which involves wrapping the luggage in a protective film to prevent damage or tampering during transportation.

Travelers can also opt for the baggage storage service, which allows them to store their luggage in a dedicated storage room for longer. This service is useful for those who need to store their bags while they travel to other destinations.

Benefits Of Using Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage Services

Using Amsterdam airport luggage-storage services can provide various benefits for travelers. One of the most significant advantages of using these services is their convenience. By storing their luggage at the airport, travelers don’t have to worry about lugging heavy suitcases around as they explore the city.

This can free them up to enjoy their trip without carrying their belongings everywhere. Another major benefit of using Amsterdam airport luggage-storage services is their security.

Many of these services offer 24-hour surveillance and other security measures to ensure that travelers’ belongings are safe and secure. This can help ease any worries or concerns travelers may have about leaving their luggage unattended while exploring the city.

Additionally, these services can be cost-effective for travelers who don’t want to pay expensive hotel fees for storing their luggage. Overall, there are many benefits to using Amsterdam airport luggage-storage services, including convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for travelers.

How To Choose The Right Luggage Storage Option For Your Needs

How To Choose The Right Luggage Storage Option For Your Needs

When traveling, choosing the right luggage storage option can be just as important as choosing the right hotel or transportation. There are a few factors to consider when deciding on the best option for your needs. Firstly, think about your budget.

Some luggage storage options, such as hotel or airport lockers, can be expensive. However, they may also offer more security and convenience. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider a cheaper option, such as a local storage facility or a luggage storage service.

Next, think about the length of time you need to store your luggage. If you’re only going to be in town for a few hours. An airport locker or hotel storage may be the most convenient option. However, a local storage facility or luggage storage service may be better if you are in town for several days or more. As they often offer longer-term storage solutions.

Tips For Packing Your Luggage Before Storing It At The Airport

Packing your luggage before storing it at the airport can be daunting for many travelers. However, with a few tips, you can ensure your belongings are safe and secure while away. First, list the items you want to pack and eliminate any unnecessary items.

This will help you pack more efficiently and ensure you have enough space to store your luggage. Use packing cubes or compression bags to save space and keep your items organized. These are especially useful if you carry bulky items like jackets or sweaters.

Thirdly, place your heaviest items at the bottom of your luggage. Preferably near the wheels, to prevent it from tipping over. Fourthly, wrap fragile items such as glassware or electronics in bubble wrap or clothing to protect them from breakage. Lastly, always lock your luggage and always keep the key or combination on you.

How To Book Luggage Storage At Amsterdam Airport

How To Book Luggage Storage At Amsterdam Airport

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, it’s important to know how to book luggage storage at the airport. With so many tourists flocking to this vibrant city. Finding a place to store your bags while exploring can be difficult. Fortunately, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers a variety of luggage storage options to make your travel experience more convenient.

To book luggage storage at the airport, you can simply visit the official website of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and navigate to the luggage storage section. There, you’ll find several options for storing your bags, such as lockers and baggage storage services. You can select the option that best suits your needs and budget and book it online in just a few clicks.

Additionally, many hotels and hostels in Amsterdam offer luggage storage services for their guests. If you’re staying in a hotel or hostel, it’s worth checking with the front desk to see if they provide this service.

How To Retrieve Your Luggage From Amsterdam Airport Storage

How To Retrieve Your Luggage From Amsterdam Airport Storage

The process is fairly straightforward if you have stored your luggage at Amsterdam Airport and are now wondering how to retrieve it. First, you must locate the luggage storage facility at the airport.

Once you have found the storage facility, you must present your storage receipt to retrieve your luggage. If you have lost your receipt, you can still retrieve your luggage. But you must provide proof of identity and a detailed description of your stored items.

After you have presented your storage receipt or proof of identity. The staff at the storage facility will retrieve your luggage for you. They will then ask you to confirm that all your items are present and undamaged. If you notice any damage or missing items, report them to the staff immediately. Finally, you will need to pay the storage fee for your stay.

Safety And Security Measures In Place For Luggage Storage At Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all travelers’ luggage. To achieve this, several measures have been implemented to prevent mishaps. Firstly, all luggage is screened before being allowed into the airport’s storage area.

This ensures that no prohibited items are stored and helps mitigate any potential security risks. Additionally, the luggage storage area has CCTV cameras to monitor all activities and detect suspicious behavior.

The cameras are strategically placed to cover all angles of the storage area, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. Furthermore, the luggage storage area is manned by trained security personnel who are vigilant and ready to respond to security concerns.

These personnel are skilled in identifying potential security risks and taking appropriate action to mitigate them. These systems ensure that only authorized personnel can access the storage area, thus preventing any potential breaches.


Amsterdam airport luggage storage options offer convenience and flexibility for travelers. With various storage facilities and services available, visitors can choose the option that best suits their needs. Whether short-term storage or longer periods, travelers can rest assured that their belongings will be secure and well taken care of.

By following the tips and recommendations outlined in this paragraph, travelers can make the most of their layovers or explore the city without the hassle of carrying around their luggage. Amsterdam Airport’s luggage storage facilities are a reliable and practical solution for all types of travelers.


What Are The Luggage Storage Options Available At Amsterdam Airport And How Much Do They Cost?

If you want to store your big suitcases at Amsterdam Airport, you can find bag storage for up to 30 days. Daily prices are €6 for a piece of hand luggage and €9 for a suitcase, or up to €12 per day if your bag is an unusual size.

Can I Store My Luggage For Multiple Days At Amsterdam Airport?

Yes, you can store your luggage for multiple days at Amsterdam airport. The luggage storage facilities are in Arrival Hall 1 and Departure Hall 2. There are no restrictions on the size or weight of the luggage, but oversized items such as bicycles, surfboards, and large musical instruments may not be accepted.

Are Any Security Measures In Place For The Luggage Storage Facilities At Amsterdam Airport?

Yes, security measures are in place for the luggage storage facilities at Amsterdam airport. CCTV cameras monitor the luggage storage facilities, and the staff conduct random inspections of the luggage to ensure that nothing suspicious is being stored. Also, passengers must check security before accessing the luggage storage facilities.

How Do I Book A Luggage Storage Service At Amsterdam Airport, And What Payment Options Are Available?

To book a luggage storage service at Amsterdam airport, you can visit the airport’s official website or use a third-party booking platform. The official website lists various luggage storage options available at the airport, including lockers and baggage drop-off services. To book, select the option you prefer and follow the instructions to make a reservation

Can I Visit Nearby Attractions Or Facilities While My Luggage Is Stored At Amsterdam Airport?

Yes, there are several nearby attractions and facilities that you can visit while your luggage is stored at Amsterdam airport. Some popular ones include the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark, and the Heineken Experience. You can also explore the nearby neighbourhoods of De Pijp and Jordaan, known for their cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

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