The Beautiful 20 Things To Do In India Before You Turn 30

India is a land of immense beauty and charisma. It is a favorite destination for many travelers and an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate the soul. If you plan a trip to India, hopefully, it’s before you turn 30. We have a list for you.

There is so much to do in this country that even after many trips, we’re still exploring new places every time. There are several reasons you should visit India before 30- for spiritual growth, adventure, or just pure enjoyment – there’s something for everyone here. Here are 20 things to do in India before you turn 30.

The Beautiful 20 Things To Do In India Before You Turn 30

20 Things To Do In India Before You Turn 30

20 Things To Do In India Before You Turn 30

India is a beautiful country for travel, whether you’re looking to explore the rural areas or take in the sights and sounds of the big cities. There’s something for everyone here, so there’s no reason not to go on an adventure. India is a beautiful country for travel.

There’s so much to see and do, and the people are friendly and welcoming. It’s also a great place to invest money, as the economy is growing rapidly. If you’re considering moving to India soon, you’d better start planning your life now. Here are 20 things to do in India before you turn 30:

1.Rafting/Camping In Rishikesh

Rafting Camping In Rishikesh

If you’re planning a trip to India, rafting and camping in Rishikesh are two activities you don’t want to miss. Rafting in Rishikesh is a unique experience that combines the beauty of the Ganges river with the excitement of white water rafting.

The campgrounds in Rishikesh are perfect for those who want to spend a lazy day by the river. Besides, plenty of other activities are available in the city, such as hiking, biking, and yoga. If you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience, rafting and camping in Rishikesh must be on your list of things to do in Rishikesh.

2.Drive/Ride From Manali To Leh

Drive Ride From Manali To Leh

Leh is one of the most popular destinations in India for adventure seekers. It is located in the Ladakh region and is home to some of the world’s most stunningly scenic landscapes. The drive from Manali to Leh takes around four hours, and you can enjoy it by car or motorcycle.

There are several attractions in Leh that you can visit, including the Barkor Valley Viewpoint, Zanskar Valley, and Spiti Valley. If you have time, it would be worth spending a few days exploring the area and taking in all the city offers. You’ll find plenty of things to do and see here.

3.Paraglide/Camp In Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Paraglide Camp In Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

If you’re interested in experiencing a unique adventure in the region, paragliding/camping in Solang Valley is worth exploring. Located in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, the valley has breathtaking views of the peaks and offers adventurers various recreational activities to choose from.

You can enjoy hiking and skiing in the area or go paragliding and camping for a more immersive experience. Besides, several food and drink establishments in the valley will offer you an Indian experience. So, if you’re looking for an adventurous trip outside your comfort zone, give Solang Valley a try.

4.Get ‘Sunburn’-T In Goa

Get ‘Sunburn’-T In Goa

Goa is one of India’s most popular beach destinations, and for a good reason. The weather is usually hot and sunny here, making it an ideal place to get ‘sunburn’-t. Besides, there are plenty of places to go swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and kayaking. Goa should definitely be on your list of destinations if you’re looking for a fun weekend break away from city life.

5.Visit The Vaishno Devi Temple

Visit The Vaishno Devi Temple

Tourists visiting the Vaishno Devi Temple in Uttarakheart can experience a sacred place of pilgrimage with many interesting attractions. The temple is located in Uttarakhand and is considered a holy site by Hindus. The temple features an impressive range of iconic features, such as cave temples, rock towers, and walkways. It is also home to several impressive cultural monuments and artworks that honor the Hindu goddess Durga.

Visitors can visit the temple during the morning or evening hours and enjoy different trails to reach the temple from different parts of the surrounding area. The temple is known for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and spiritual significance, making it ideal for travelers to experience India’s unique culture and traditions.

6.Travel In A Mumbai Local

Travel In A Mumbai Local

Mumbai is an immensely popular tourist destination and a must-visit city for those interested in Indian culture and history. The city is home to various attractions, from ancient temples to contemporary museums. If you’re planning a trip to Mumbai, pack some items you can easily convert into souvenirs after your trip. Whether you’re visiting the city for business or pleasure, there are plenty of things to do in Mumbai that will make your trip memorable.

One great way to experience the city is by taking a local tour. You can go on a sightseeing cruise or ride around in a local tuk-tuk. You can also go shopping at the famous local markets where you can find unique souvenirs and locally made goods. If you’re looking for something different in Mumbai, consider exploring the city’s rural areas.

7.Take A Road Trip From Mumbai To Goa.

If you want to explore the best of India, consider taking a road trip from Mumbai to Goa. This adventurous trip will give you a taste of the country’s cultural diversity and beauty. You’ll journey from bustling city life in Mumbai to idyllic beaches and scenic mountains in Goa.

Here, you can go bikin’ at Baga Beach or hike up to Shishumthan for an astonishing sunset view. Additionally, if you are interested in Indian history and culture, check out any local temples and churches while in Goa. This road trip will give you a unique glimpse into Indian culture and history.

8.Skiing In Auli

Skiing In Auli

Skiing in Auli is a popular activity that everyone can enjoy. The ski resort is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, and it features slopes that are suitable for all levels of skiers. The resort offers a variety of activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. If you’re looking for a fun and exhilarating trip to India, skiing in Auli is an excellent choice.

9.Diving Around The Andamans

Diving Around The Andamans

The Andaman Islands are a popular destination for visitors to India due to their unique wildlife, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Diving around the islands is a popular activity because it allows visitors to see some of the most diverse marine life in the world. Additionally, diving offers a chance to experience some of the Island’s natural beauty and culture.

The islands are home to some of the best dive spots in the world, such as Havelock Island, Port Blair, and Gili Trawangan. These locations have stunning views and abundant marine life. If you’re looking for a travel experience that will leave you with a lasting impression, consider spending your time in the beautiful Andaman Islands.

10.Trek On A Sheet Of Snow

Trek On A Sheet Of Snow

Suppose you’re looking for a unique adventure, trek on a sheet of snow in India. The trek is not for the faint of heart, as it can be challenging and requires considerable physical strength and stamina. But the rewards are worth it as you’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. If you’re interested in visiting India, include the Himalayas on your list of must-see destinations. These fascinating regions are home to some of the world’s highest peaks and spectacular valleys.

11.Get Mesmerized By The Valley Of Flowers.

The Valley of Flowers is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. The valley is located in Rajasthan and is known for its stunningly colorful blooms. The valley is home to various other attractions, such as the Ranthambore National Park and Camel Race Course.

If you’re planning a trip to India, add the Valley of Flowers to your list of places. There are several ways to explore this beautiful valley, so there’s something for everyone looking for an adventure. Whether you’re traveling with friends or family or on your own, the Valley of Flowers has something special to offer.

12.Camping In Deserts

Camping In Deserts

Desert camping is a popular way to experience the stunning beauty of India’s deserts. During the monsoon season, the desert is covered in water from July to September, making it easier to explore. This allows visitors to go off the beaten path and find hidden caves and creeks. Several campsites throughout India’s deserts offer excellent facilities and access to amazing views.

Desert camping is a great option if you’re looking for an adventurous trip that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Besides, desert camping can help you develop survival skills and learn about ways of living off the land. So if you’re planning a trip to India’s deserts, consider taking up desert camping as an exciting new adventure.

13.Explore The South

Explore The South

The South is a region of India with a rich cultural heritage and some of the country’s most iconic attractions. From Sri Lanka to Kerala, the South has something for everyone. If you plan a trip to the South, prioritize your time wisely and choose activities that match your interests and preferences.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an exciting adventure, the South has something to offer every traveler. From visiting religious sites to exploring beautiful beaches, there is plenty to do in this culturally diverse region of India.

14.Head To The Northeast

If you want a unique travel experience, head to the northeast of India. This region is home to some of India’s most spectacular scenery, including the Himalayas and the Ganges River. Besides, the northeast has several attractions, from ancient temples to wildlife sanctuaries.

You can explore the region on your own or take a guided tour. The northeast is also home to some of India’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Agra and Varanasi. If you have time to spare, it would be best to spend several days exploring the area.

15.Be Awestruck Watching Air Acrobatics.

Be Awestruck Watching Air Acrobatics

You don’t need to be a fan of circus to enjoy watching air acrobatics. If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, take in a performance by an aerial artist. You can watch these breathtaking shows at amusement parks or amateur stages throughout the country. Not only will you be entertained, but you will also learn about India’s rich culture and history through this exciting activity.

16.Experience The Grandness Of Rann Of Kutch

Experience The Grandness Of Rann Of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is a unique and stunning natural area in India, known for its dramatic dunes, fascinating wildlife, and rich cultural heritage. The area is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the culture and heritage of India first-hand. There are a variety of activities available in Rann of Kutch, including sightseeing, hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. If you’re interested in exploring India in a new way, Rann of Kutch is an ideal place to start your journey.

17.Get A Feel Of Coffee Plantations In Coorg.

Get A Feel Of Coffee Plantations In Coorg

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, visiting coffee plantations in Coorg can be exciting. The region is known for its high-quality Arabica beans, and visiting the plantations allows you to explore the production process and learn about the different steps involved in the production of coffee.

You can also enjoy various activities, such as coffee tasting and plantation tours. From exploring the plantations to enjoying a cup of freshly made coffee, visiting these places can provide valuable insight into the local culture and food traditions.

18.Touch The Himalayas In Manali

Touch The Himalayas In Manali

If planning a Manali trip, you must consider visiting the Himalayas. The Khardung La and Solang Valley are the best places to do so. These areas are rich in natural beauty and offer great opportunities for hiking and trekking. For those who love adventure, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. From yoga classes to meditation classes, there are plenty of ways to relax and unwind. If you’re looking for something more active, try horseback riding or mountain biking. There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy for 30 days or more.

19.Head To Kasol For A Perfect Trek

Head To Kasol For A Perfect Trek

Kasol is a small village in the Himalayas known for its world-renowned trekking routes. The village is home to several religious sites, including the Kasol temple and the Kali Mandir. The town and surrounding areas are rich in natural beauty, with picturesque lakes and snow-capped mountains.

If you’re looking for a unique experience that will energize and inspire you, head to Kasol for a trek. There are a variety of activities available in this beautiful mountain town, including hiking, mountain biking, and cycling. So if you’re looking for an adventure that will truly take your breath away, head to Kasol for a trek!

20.Paraglide At Bir Billing

Paraglide At Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a small village in the Western Ghats known for its natural beauty, including beautiful temples and forests. One of the best places in India to fly kites, paragliding at Bir Billing offers an exhilarating experience for all ages.

Paragliding at Bir Billing is a must-do if you are looking for a fun and adventurous day out. Whether you go with friends and family or on your own, this activity offers great opportunities for socializing and bonding. Spending time together while enjoying nature is a great way to build strong relationships.

Why India Is A Must-Visit Destination Before You Turn 30

India is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty and diversity of the country. India is home to some of the world’s most famous tourist destinations, such as Mumbai and Delhi. These cities have an array of attractions, such as beaches, temples, monuments, and art galleries. You can visit these places to experience different cuisines, art forms, and cultures.

There are plenty of activities for visitors to choose from too. You can go skiing in the Himalayas or diving in Goa. Besides, there are plenty of exciting things to do in India, such as exploring its beautiful landscapes and historic cities on a bike or by car. The country has a diverse ecosystem with many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks to explore. The food in India is some of the best in the world, and there are delicious vegetarian options for every dietary preference.

India is a safe country to travel to, and crime rates are generally low. You can go online and learn more about safety regulations before traveling to the country. In addition, there are many ways to get around in India – by bus, train, bike, or car – making it an easy destination for travelers of all ages and abilities. With its diverse culture and beautiful landscapes, you will be unable to stop falling in love with India!


India is a place that is filled with so much to explore, so get out there now and do it. It’s filled with beautiful temples, deserts, forests, waterfalls, and more. You’ll find something new every time you go back to the country. When traveling to India, one of the best things you can do is immerse yourself in the rich culture and beautiful landscapes. Plan your trip around festivals that celebrate art, music, and food.

You’ll have a blast exploring all the places mentioned above. And if you’re already living in India, explore more. There are countless places to visit across the country to experience its culture first-hand. And when you turn 30, as we mentioned above, you deserve a trip like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Time To Consider Traveling To India?

Yes, India is a must-visit destination before you turn 30. The country’s diverse culture and beautiful landscapes fascinate and excite you.

What Are Some Things To Do In India Before You Turn 30?

There are several things to do in India before you turn 30. Some of the best choices include traveling to popular tourist destinations, experiencing different cultures, and learning about Hinduism and Indian philosophy.

What Are The Benefits Of Traveling To India Before You Turn 30?

There are many benefits to traveling to India before you turn 30. Some benefits of traveling to India before you turn 30 include experiencing different cultures, learning about Indian history and religion, and gaining skills in a foreign language.

How Can I Make The Most Of My Trip To India Before Turning 30?

By preparing for your trip to India by researching the country and its culture, you will be able to enjoy your time in India more.

Is It Safe To Travel Alone To India, And Which Places Are Best For Solo Travelers?

Yes, traveling to India as a solo traveler is generally safe. However, you should always take precautions such as traveling in pairs and using a local guide when traveling to more remote areas.

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