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A firm based in McLean, Virginia, has activities in the US primarily and is an American bank holder specializing in credit cards, vehicle loans, banks, and savings accounts.

In 1988 Richard Fairbank and Morris Nigel launched Capital One Financial Corp. The bank maintains branches in New York, Texas, Maryland, Columbia District, New Jersey, and Ludwigs, with its Headquarters in McLean, Virginia. It provides various financial products and services for individuals, small companies, and large corporate customers. It specializes in automotive loans, credit cards, banking, and product savings. In its 755 outlets in 2016, the firm had 47 300 employees and had more than 200 cabins in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Capital One ranks 8th among the top 10 banks based on assets and deposits in the US and 10th in total assets among the top 10 banks. Fortune 500 ranks 17th on Fortune 500, one of the most significant firms to work, and one hundredth on Fortune 500. When the mass marketing of credit cards became a pioneer in the USA, capital gained popularity in the 1990s. In 2016, 62% of the yearly income of the credit card company was derived from consumer banking, 11% from commercial banking, and 1% from other sources.


Capital One Supports 3D Secure Technologies

Capital One supports 3D Secure technologies

What is 3D Secure?

Capital One 3d Secure

3D Secure is an online credit card and debit card transaction security technology that offers an additional level of protection. Arcot Systems (now CA Technologies) designed this protocol, and Visa initially utilized it to give enhanced security to internet payments.

You probably know about programs, such as Visa Verified, J/Secure, and American Express SafeKey, Master Card Secure Code. The security of payments is 3D Secure based.

How Does 3D Secure Work?

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The name 3D is based on the 3-domain model utilized for the additional layer of secure authentication between the financial authorization procedure and online authentication. For this security, the three domains used:

Purchaser Domain: The bank and the dealer is receiving the money of the transaction.

Domain issuer: The bank that issued the transaction’s credit or debit card.

Interoperability Domain: The infrastructure supplied for the card used to enable the 3D Secure Protocol.

To protect and authenticate transactions, 3D Secure employs XML and SSL communication. As a dealer, it needs to understand how 3D Secure affects the transaction with the consumer. After the checkout procedure is completed, consumers paying by Visa or MasterCard must input their verified secure code using Visa or MasterCard.

The consumer is subsequently routed to the issuer’s website for authorization, or your payment solution completes the approval. You are not requested to provide a password if you use an American Express, Discover Card, or a gift card.

If you have no Visa or MasterCard SecureCode registration with you, you are encouraged to log in and create a password. Cardholders may deny the registration. However, you may no longer opt-out after the client hits the maximum number of opt-out occurrences. The maximum number of opt-out events shall be the issuer of the credit card, and measures taken after reaching the limit shall likewise be up to the issuer of the credit card.

It is crucial to remember that you may determine which 3D Secure authentication transactions are needed as a dealer. For example, with the rules engine of your payment system, you may detect high-risk transactions and then choose to secure these transactions in 3D to ensure further.

What are the Advantages of 3D Security?

What are the advantages of 3D security

3D Secure gives the following advantages to merchants:

Responsibility Shift: You are generally responsible for this transaction when a chargeback is made, as you know. 3D Secure transferred the obligation to your issuing bank from you. Note: you must check all of your issuer’s documentation to make sure you understand the 3D Secure implementation laws and regulations.

Chargeback Protection: You are guaranteed that you will never suffer a chargeback when you are using Verified by Visa. This safeguard can protect you from friendly fraud or reimbursement of fraud. Note: There is no equivalent policy with MasterCard.

Interchange Advantages: you can use your acquirer for reduced exchange rates and more extended payment periods.

Customer Trust: Customer faith is crucial as a CNP merchant. Many clients are more convinced that their data is protected by an extra degree of protection.


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In the event of a 3-D Secure transaction, the card issuer, not the retailer, takes the risk. Fees are not permitted if the trader fits the buyer’s legal conditions (3-D Secure has been activated for the card; the merchant has redirected the payer to a website where the card authentication occurs; the authentication process was successful). 3-D Secure will undoubtedly reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and the number of disputed transactions. It also promotes customer trust that might lead to higher sales.

  • It has enhanced consumer security.
  • Despite 3D Secure, credit card suppliers should pay the fraud charges (liability reversal)
  • All proceedings are free of charge.


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Yes, part of it is. Each additional security field in an online form might, for example, significantly reduce the number of transactions completed. In addition, some clients may not know what 3-D Secure is and may dismiss the browser window. Naturally, this leads to a loss of sales. You should also know that the service is subject to an additional cost.

  • Customer effort needs more.
  • Lower rates of conversion.
  • Unable to ensure 100% security.

Steps to Do

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The (simplified) procedure flow is as follows in a standard credit card transaction without 3D Secure:

  1. Pay Fast includes the card holder’s information.
  2. Pay Fast transmits the information to our bank.
  3. Our buying bank authorizes the transaction.
  4. The answer (success or failure) is returned to the cardholder.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Remember to complete 3D Secure purchases. You will need your telephone. For example, you need to make sure you can receive text messages (which may imply that you would require roaming enabled) if you want to purchase online while going overseas.

And do not forget to update it immediately in your Monese app if you change your number. The 3D Secure Service will be moved automatically after 24 hours.


It is good to use 3-D security, but the trader must also consider whether it is beneficial to add this extra step to their firm. In general, the sales volume of each merchant should be understood and calculated by giving 3-D Secure how much it is possible to earn against charge and fraud. 3-D Secure certainly makes your payments safer and more reliable, but it might be an annoyance for specific customers.

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