How Much Does It Cost To Drive From NY To Florida? [Practical Guide]

So, how much does it cost to drive from NY to Florida? A road journey along the Eastern Seaboard from the Mid-Atlantic States to the Gulf Coast is a great means to see one of the most attractive parts of the country.

The path between New York and Florida includes states that teem with American historical milestones, beautiful natural phenomena, and some extremely delicious food.

How Much Does It Cost To Drive From NY To Florida?

How Much Does It Cost To Drive From NY To Florida

The entire price of driving from New York toward Florida (one-way) is $143.39 at present gas prices.

The round trip cost will be $286.79 toward going from New York to Florida as well as back to New York again.

Regular fuel prices are about $2.90 for each gallon for your journey. This calculation assumes that your car gets regular gas mileage of 25 mpg for a mixture of city and freeway driving.

All currency units are U.S. Dollars. If you desire worldwide units, the corresponding petrol pump value is 76.6 cents/liter. This assumes a usual fuel economy of 9.4 L/100 km.

You’ll go over 49.5 gallons of gas throughout this trip. This is equivalent to 187.3 liters.

If you fill your tank with unleaded gasoline, the carbon release will be about 968 lbs CO2. This is equal to 439 kg CO2e otherwise 0.44 tons of carbon dioxide counterparts. These numbers might change depending on the precise make and model of your car.

If your car uses diesel in its place, the CO2 released will be about 1,134 lbs. CO2, which is equal to 514 kg CO2e otherwise 0.51 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents.

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Tolls From NYC to Florida

Tourists taking I-95 from New York City to Florida would find that almost every state they pass over – except Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina as well as Georgia – has toll requirements.

Drivers pay tolls while leaving New York State, crossing the George Washington Channel into New Jersey plus taking the New Jersey Turnpike.

Delaware charges taxes for drivers traveling crosswise the Delaware Memorial Bridge plus using the Delaware Turnpike.

Maryland exacts charges from drivers using the Baltimore Harbor plus Fort McHenry Tunnel as well as for any drivers roaming along I-95, recognized there as JFK Memorial Highway.

In Virginia, drivers could avoid taxes by not traveling in the express lanes.

The cost of maximum tolls going southbound on I-95 differ in rate from $1 to $15. It is a good idea to acquire a prepaid toll device for example E-ZPass to save time plus avoid having to slow down plus fumble with money at tollbooths.

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How Long Is The Drive From NYC To Orlando?

The total driving time is 15 hours, 44 minutes.

Where Do You Stop Driving From New York to Florida?

From Washington D.C. toward Savannah, Georgia, check out fun places to stop on a New York toward Florida drive….Brunswick, GA. It is the final day of your road journey thus after a charming night in Savannah, it is time to hit the street. … Jacksonville, FL. … Daytona Seashore, FL.

How Many States Do You Drive Over From New York To Florida?

Nine states. We think the greatest way to drive to Florida from New York is by taking Interstate 95 South, and here is why: It is the most direct path to central plus southern Florida. It passes over nine states and these main historic cities: Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Charleston, and Savannah.

How Do I Avoid Tolls In Florida?

If you want completely no tolls, your only alternatives are US 192 plus SR 50. Both have MANY stoplights plus will take forever to get to I-95. If you use SR 528, the taxes can be paid in cash. On the Turnpike, the Osceola Parkway on-ramp might be cashless as is the exit north of SR 528.


Scenery rolls by your window on a long road journey, making a movie with a soundtrack orchestrated by the melodies on your radio. New York’s skyscrapers vanish from the rearview mirror whereas the Atlantic Ocean indicates you onward to your destination in Florida.

Travelers have two alternatives: a high-speed journey down the interstate otherwise a leisurely drive over small towns. I hope now you know how much does it cost to drive from NY to Florida.

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