Japan’s 11 Must-Eat Foods And Where To Find Them; You Should Try.

If you’re ever in Japan, you need to try some of their famous foods. From sushi to tempura, these dishes are something you want to take advantage of. In this blog, we will be discussing Japan’s 11 must-eat foods and where to find them.

We will also help you get to know the food preparation process before you go to Japan so that everything goes smoothly during your food journies. If you plan a trip to Japan, add these foods to your list. So whether you’re in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, or any other city in Japan, make sure to check out this list and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Japan's 11 Must-Eat Foods And Where To Find Them; You Should Try

About Japan’s Foods

About Japan's Foods

Japan is a food lover’s paradise – and its cuisine is so diverse it’s hard to decide what to try first. Suppose you’re planning to visit this fascinating country, including at least one of the eleven must-eat foods on your list. Some of the selections included in this guide are:

Sushi, Tempura, Ramen noodles, Udon noodles, Yakitori, Yakitori skewers, Tempura skewers, Okonomiyaki, and Yakitori Japanese Barbecue.

Additionally, read the entire guide before hitting the streets to find the best food options – some hidden gems will delight your taste buds. So, Japan has something to offer you whether you’re a sushi lover or a ramen noodles fanatic.

11 Japanese Foods That Must Be On Your List

11 Japanese Foods That Must Be On Your List

Japan is full of sushi lovers, tempura connoisseurs, and ramen noodles addicts. And you know what? You should include some of the country’s favorite food on your trip list. Some must-eat Japanese foods include sushi, tempura, and ramen noodles. Sushi is a popular dish all over Japan, so it’s best to try some of the best sushi joints in the country. Suppose tempura is your thing, head to a restaurant specializing in tempura. And if ramen noodles are your thing, you can find ramen noodles joints practically anywhere in Japan.

Some items, like sushi rice and tempura, are common in many other countries worldwide. If you’re ever planning a trip to Japan and want to try some of its cuisines, make sure to check these items off your list:

1.Soba Noodles

Soba Noodles

If you’re ever in Japan, try out soba noodles – they are a popular dish there, and their texture and flavor are unique. You can find them at most restaurants or make your own with simple ingredients at home. Soba noodles are a popular dish in Japan, typically served with either chicken or vegetable broth. They’re also versatile – you can add them to stir-fries, salads, or even soup for extra flavor. Be sure to try miso soup too.



Soba Yakitori is a dish from soba noodles that Japaneses grill and serve with yakitori skewers. It’s a perfect meal for those who love variety and don’t mind spending more on their food. Yakitori is also a popular menu item in Japanese restaurants. Soba Yakitori is a dish with soba noodles that have been skewered and grilled over charcoal. So it’s sure to be enjoyable no matter where you eat it.

3.Gyoza Dumplings

Gyoza Dumplings

If you’re a fan of sushi, mochi ice cream, or ramen noodles, you’ll also love gyoza dumplings. These savory little morsels come from Japan and are renowned for their great taste. There are wide varieties to choose from – chicken, pork, or vegetable – so there’s sure to be one that appeals to your palate.

Plus, unlike most other food items where cooking time and preparation are often necessary before eating them, gyoza dumplings are best prepared when ordered from a restaurant. After dipping them in soy sauce, place them in boiling water, and they will cook within minutes. Once you’ve tried these delicious little things, don’t forget to tell all your Japanese friends about them! They’re definitely worth trying out.



Tempura is a delicious dish that you can easily prepare at home. It is made from battered and fried food and usually includes shrimp, vegetables, and crab meat. Those looking to make this delicacy themselves should know some easy tips – like using tempura batter that is thick enough, so the food doesn’t stick to the pan but also light enough, so it doesn’t become soggy or heavy. Tempura makes for an exquisite dish that goes well with any occasion! Not to mention, once you try it, you’ll never return to your old ways of eating seafood – tempura has something special about it.

5.Udon Noodles

Udon Noodles

Udon noodles are a popular Japanese dish that you can find all over the world. You can make them from wheat flour, water, and salt and serve them with various toppings such as soy sauce, wasabi paste, or green onions. You can find udon noodles in most convenience stores and supermarkets. They make an ideal meal for when you’re on the go or want something quick and easy to eat.

6.Yakitori BBQ Skewers

Yakitori BBQ Skewers

If you’re ever in Japan, make sure to try yakitori BBQ skewers. These skewers are a great way to experience different flavors and textures without breaking the bank. Yakitori restaurants all over Japan serve up some of the best skewers in the world, so there’s sure to be one near you. Yakitori is a food that hits home with foreigners – it’s something we can all get behind! So try them when you’re in Tokyo or Osaka – you won’t regret it.

7.Takoyaki Balls

Takoyaki Balls

These balls are a popular street food in Japan and a must-have on any traveler’s list. Takoyaki Balls are Japanese street food made from dough shaped into balls and then deep-fried. Japanese often serve with a sweet and savory sauce, one of Japan’s most popular foods. They come in many different flavors, and you can eat them hot or cold. What is the best way to enjoy them? Try them with your favorite dipping sauce.

8.Umeboshi Plums

Umeboshi Plums

If you’re ever in Japan, try umeboshi plums – they are a pickled plum popular there. You can eat Umeboshi plums as a snack, salad, or dessert; they are easy to find and quite affordable. They make Umeboshi plums by soaking ume (a type of apricot) in a mixture of vinegar and salt for several weeks.

And use the resulting brine for pickling umeboshi plums, which are typically deep purple in color and have a slightly salty taste. They can be eaten fresh or used in dishes like sushi or sashimi. If you need to get more familiar with them, now is the perfect time to learn more.

9.Yakisoba – Vegetable Ramen Soup

Yakisoba - Vegetable Ramen Soup

If you’re looking for something delicious and filling to eat, yakisoba might be the perfect dish for you. This popular ramen soup is made from noodles and vegetables and can be found at food stores or ramen shops across Japan. Making it at home is also possible – follow a recipe or use packaged ingredients. It’s healthy, filling, and tasty – so there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

10.Tempura – Fried Seafood

Tempura - Fried Seafood

Tempura – Fried Seafood is a Japanese dish that’s loved all over the world for its amazing seafood flavors. You can find tempura in many different forms, from small street stalls to high-end restaurants. It’s always a great way to try something new and enjoy the company of friends. The key thing to remember is that tempura can be cheap! Making it at home will cost you much less than eating out at a restaurant. So go ahead and give tempura a try – you won’t regret it.



If you’re a fan of Japanese food, then there’s a good chance that okonomiyaki is one dish you’ve tried. This pancake-like snack is made from cabbage, pork, eggs, and other toppings – making it wonderfully filling and savory.

Okonomiyaki can be found at most restaurants in Japan, but the best way to experience it is at an okonomiyaki shop that specializes in this dish. And if shrimp or bacon isn’t your thing? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other options to choose from at these establishments as well. So make sure to take advantage of this delicious treat – order it online today.

Get To Know Where To Find The 11 Must-Eat Foods In Japan.

Get To Know Where To Find The 11 Must-Eat Foods In Japan

Japan is known for its sushi, ramen, tempura, udon noodles, and okonomiyaki – so it’s no wonder that these are some of the country’s most popular food items. If you’re ever in Japan, be sure to try these dishes! Some of the best restaurants to try them out at are located in major Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

If you’re not so keen on sushi, you can try ramen instead. Or, if you’re a tempura fan, head to Osaka for some of the best seafood tempura in the country. And if you’re a pancake lover, try out okonomiyaki – a pancake-based dish that originated in Japan. No matter what food you’re in the mood for, be sure to check out Japan’s 11 must-eat foods.

Preparation Before You Go To Japan

When it comes to food, Japan is a land of mystery and enchantment. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the cuisine. From sushi to tempura to ramen, Japan has something for everyone – and it all tastes amazing. But to experience all the wonders that Japan has to offer, you first need to be prepared.

That’s where the 11 must-eat foods come in. These are food items that are essential for both Japanese cuisine and Western digestion. Plus, they’re found in most supermarkets around the world. So, there’s no excuse not to give Japanese cuisine a try. To make the most of your trip, pack some snacks and drinks to keep you energized, so you don’t run out of steam. Bon appétit.


Japan’s food is definitely something to experience. Not only are the flavors delicious, but the food is also packed with nutrients that will help you stay healthy and energetic. In this blog post, we’ve outlined Japan’s 11 must-eat foods and where to find them.

We also provided tips on preparing for your trip to Japan and advice on how to deal with food allergies in Japan. So whether you’re planning to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, or any other Japanese city, make sure to include at least one of Japan’s 11 must-eat foods on your food list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Where Can I Find Authentic Japanese Food In The U.S.?

Ans: If you’re in the U.S. and want to enjoy some authentic Japanese cuisine, be sure to check out sushi bars, izakayas (Japanese pubs), Japanese supermarkets, and ramen shops. Additionally, Yelp and Zomato offer great resources for finding recommendations for Japanese food in your area.

2.Can You Enjoy Japanese Cuisine Without Spending A Lot Of Money?

Ans: Yes, By knowing Japan’s 11 must-eat foods, you can enjoy great-tasting cuisine without spending a lot of money. All of these dishes are affordable and easy to find in any Japanese grocery store. In addition to that, by reading this blog post, you’ll also learn where to find each of the dishes mentioned.

3.Which Japanese Food Is Best For Breakfast?

Ans: There are so many delicious Japanese breakfasts that it’s hard to choose just one. Some of the most popular include cereals like Shredded Oats with fruit, yogurt, and granola.

4.What Is Japan’s Number 1 Food?

Ans: When it comes to Japan’s food of choice, sushi is always a top priority. Other popular picks include tempura and ramen noodles. You can find these food items in most major Japanese cities, but be sure to try them all to get a sense of what is truly Japan’s number 1 food.

5.What Are The Top 5 Japanese Foods?

  1. Ramen Noodle Soup: ramen noodles soaked in a piping hot soup broth with toppings like instant miso soup, green onion, soy sauce, and kamaboko (fish cake)
  2. Tempura Batter Breaded Fish Fillets: battered and deep-fried fish served with dipping sauce and a side of tempura batter
  3. Gyoza Dumplings: pan-fried dumplings stuffed with cabbage and minced pork, then simmered in soy sauce and ginger sauce
  4. sushi: sushi rolls filled with seafood, vegetables, or tofu
  5. yakitori style skewers: grilled skewers of chicken, beef, or seafood.

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