Largest Luggage Size For Check-In [Know The Details]

According to US Airlines rules, the largest luggage size for checking is 62 “linear inches. The luggage must be counted at 62 linear inches, so the word linear is essential. If you think that the bag will be 62 inches high, then your idea is wrong. So what is the largest luggage size for check-in?

To calculate linear inches, you need to sum up the luggage (length + width + height). As long as the sum of these three is less than 62 inches, your bag will not be considered oversized.

So what is the biggest bag you can check on the plane? And what if it’s a little bigger than a specific size bag?

Since the luggage is a rectangle, you need to calculate its length, width, and height to calculate the rectangle.

So you need to do some calculations to find out the exact and determined value of the luggage.

Largest luggage size for check-in

The Largest Size Check-In Suitcase Allowed on US Airlines

The largest-sized luggage is cube-shaped and measures 20.66 x 20.66 x 20.66 inches. Therefore, the dimensions of this bag are precisely 62 linear inches and have a capacity of 144 liters.

The usual size of a large check-in suitcase is around 29 inches long. And it can be 29 x 22 x 11 according to length, width, and height. It is also 62 linear inches, but its capacity is only 115 liters because 29 x 22 x 11 luggage have a depth or capacity of 115 liters.

If you imagine a long bag that is 33 x 20 x 9, it is also within 62 linear inches.

Now the question may come that the 33-inch cases are bigger than 29-inches.

However, if we calculate that 33 x 20 x 9 = 5940 cubic inches, it means that it has a capacity of 97 liters.

The perfect cube shows that there is little room inside the suitcase. After all, no one sells larger-than-allowed-sized luggage because these cubes do not contain impractical luggage.

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How Big Is The 62-Inches Luggage?

How big is the 62-inches luggage

How big 62 linear inch luggage will depend on the sum of the dimensions of the luggage. And depending on it, the carrying capacity of the 62 linear inch luggage varied.

Imagine luggage that measures 32.2 x 20.6 x 12.2 inches. However, the sum of the three dimensions will be 65 linear inches.

It’s too big. This suitcase is vast according to the rules of the major airlines in the United States.

All of these airlines set specific restrictions, but luggage manufacturers increase and curtail those restrictions. And if you travel with this luggage, you will have to pay a fine if the airline agency measures your luggage.

According to the theory, the maximum size of luggage would be 62 linear inches. And the luggage must be with the wheel, handle and side pocket when measuring. So when you buy the largest size luggage for checking, you must measure it.

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Is 32, 29, or 28 Inch Luggage Considered Oversized?

Is 32, 29, or 28 Inch Luggage Considered Oversized

You know now that just because a suitcase is taller doesn’t make it oversized. For that, you need to measure the width and depth of the luggage. Then, add three dimensions of luggage to check if the luggage is less than 62 linear inches.

Although it may seem very complicated to you, you will not find it difficult once you implement it. And you have to do this to get a perfect suitcase according to the rules of the airline.

So in what size should you buy the luggage?

It will depend on whether you are going on a short trip or a long trip. And how much travel gear you have.

What Is The Weight Restriction of Luggage?

Although domestic airlines have no weight limits, international airlines have weight limits. Most international airlines allow luggage weighing a maximum of 50 pounds, and they are very strict about weight.

You must weigh your luggage before going to the airline because if your luggage weighs too much, you may get in trouble with the airline. You may also have to pay a fine, which is costly.

Finding a suitcase in a perfect cube can be as pointless as possible. Because if you find a suitcase with a cube of 144 liters and fill it, it will exceed the weight limit.

Choose a suitcase that is close to 62 linear inches. In most cases, the advertisement is for a larger size suitcase that is 29 inches long. However, if three dimensions are calculated, it will be larger than 62 linear inches, which is not acceptable on airlines.

If you have a suitcase ninja larger than 62 inches, you should check the reviews to see if the passenger has had any problems with this size.

Before buying a suitcase, you must consider which plane you are going to board. And check the restrictions of that airline and all the contact information.

However, full-service airlines will not penalize you for handling luggage and wheels. However, if your luggage is a bit large in the case of budget airlines, it will find you and take your last dollar.

The less cheap your ticket is, the more the airline agency will try to string you.

If you do not want to face any kind of trouble, choose medium-size luggage that is 25 inches long. Although their capacity is low, it will be within the rules of 62 linear inches.

Final Thought

Knowing the details of the largest luggage size for check-in may seem more complicated to you than you think.

Allows some flexibility even after limiting the use of linear inches. However, it is a perfect size according to the airline’s rules, and you do not have to face any kind of trouble.

But it does make it a bit harder for passengers and a bit harder to know about the maximum baggage allowed.

So if you want to take the biggest luggage, check the airline’s website you are going to fly through.

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