Largest Luggage Size For Check-In

Baggage size is a very important aspect of travelling. It determines how much you can bring with you on the flight and also how comfortable your journey will be. In this article, we provide the largest luggage size for check in as well as other important information related to baggage allowances.

This post is all about the largest luggage size for check in. These sizes include carry-on, backpack, and personal item (like camera bag). So let’s have a look at the luggage sizes that are allowed to be checked into the flight.

Taking Measures

To determine the carry-on luggage size for your flight, you simply need to calculate how much space there is inside your bag plus around it. The size of a handbag that can be contained in one suitcase are generally under 15 inches across, and the dimensions will vary if you have purchased two separate handbags or one larger bag. Same goes with camera bags too! Here I booked my tickets on Etihad eXpeditions account. As they ’ve said, they allow all kinds of bags on board their airline. For example: 1 carryon bag – dimensions 24 x 9 x 16 inches, allowance weight of 20 kg (the size is for both pieces). 1 cabin bag – 11*17×7 inch with a dimension greater than 44 cm *all measurements shall be metric and you need to submit the piece scanned with an exterior pocket so we can check it’s within our policy.

Carry-Ons and Personal Items

Luggage is permitted in the cabin of an aircraft providing it does not exceed a total weight of 24 kilograms and measured dimensions greater than 1.5m high, width, and depth; or for 22kg when flat packed.

Laptop bag , small camera/phone bags are allowed as carry-on baggage provided they do not weigh more than 10 kgs unless checked with your main luggage .

Laptop bag, tablet case and camera cases can be carried as a personal item in the cabin provided they do not weigh more than 10 kgs unless checked with your main luggage. If you are checking a large national flag style backpack or duffel, it will need to be assessed for size at the check-in counter and possibly require additional costs depending on cost of baggage allowance. Personal items other than carry-on bags may be carried as personal item but will be subject to a charges of $40 per kilo.

Although bags are generally limited to 24kg, this is set at international baggage allowance rules and airlines can issue heavier limit depending on where you book your tickets online with extra fees payed. This way they maintain the weight balance between classes so their planes may fly safely because some people might bring too much rather than they decide not everyone could have one or two.

Carry-on Luggage Size Limits

It is illegal for you or anyone on board an aircraft to have any kind of explosive, hazardous waste or flammable materials in checked baggage. Carry-on items should not be dangerous such as incendiary devices, acid throwing chemicals , ammonia canisters . As well you do not need those but if it could endanger the safety such as chainsaw blade without a guard while carrying passenger by the shoulder straps.

Benefits of Carry-On Luggage

Though most of us believe that carry-on baggage is not important, you still need to check your bag.  Although airlines will give bonus if we bring our original stuff from checked ones into the cabin that’s does not really matter but when it comes down to things which are easily disposable or can just be thrown away then for me– all about flexibility because I want my travel with minimal hassles without any extra charges and save money on my trip.

Gotta do what I can to avoid baggage search at airport, even if they would not catch me with my carry ons I certainly will not take the risk of getting caught because most likely ( generally it’s still unlikely but possible )  While waiting for a check-in counter for gate changes  If you had remaining time and those other three terminals gates in 4 hours you should definitely consider leaving your bag after that 3rd or 2.


If you are planning to travel a lot, then you need to look for the best suitcases that can carry all your essentials. Suitcases are known as carry-on bags in most airports and they help travelers save time and money by avoiding the long queues at check-in counters. For example, a backpack can be checked in with just one item while a suitcase has to be checked in separately.

This means that the larger your luggage is, the less time it will take you to go through security and board your flight. It is also advisable to choose luggage with wheels if possible because it will make transporting it around easier when traveling with multiple people or if there is not enough space in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do Airlines Charge More For Carry-on Baggage?

Most airlines have a limited number of checked luggage compartments on each flight, so they sell excess capacity by requiring travelers to pay extra for their carry-on bags at the airport. However, many carriers allow passengers to bring both checked and carry-ons aboard if there is space available in the cabin.

2. Can’t You Just Check Your Bag Into Three Different Planes?

That’s a good point, but it’s going to be very difficult to get through all the checkpoints with three bags.

With a lot of people carrying on, security lines will get backed up a lot and it’s just not worth the time.

3. Does Knowing Which Airline You’re Flying With Matters When Considering Luggage Size?

The answer changes depending on the type of trip that you are embarking upon: if your travel builds in scenic layovers then capacity is most important; for long-distance international trips, local airlines actually have more bags to spare.

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