List Of Passengers On A Flight [How To Know That?]

Airlines keep records of the list of passengers on a flight. It is also called a manifest—a document which is full of passengers’ information. Crew members get to know well about passengers’ details from that list. It must be checked and verified.

They need to ensure that an outsider of that list could not enter the plane. Crew tries to understand passengers’ condition and needs by going through the passenger list. Airlines flight schedules are structured with a passenger list.

light crew tries for its privacy to maintain, put records and subtract passengers’ names that did not attend the flight.  Looking to stay informed on all the latest transport-related news? You’ll want to keep an eye on the list of passengers on a flight. This list is always changing, and it can tell you a lot about the current state of transport.

For example, did a major airline suffer an outage? Are there any high-profile passengers on board? What are the most popular destinations? Keeping up with this list is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

List Of Passengers On A Flight

Features Of A List Of Passengers On A Flight

Features Of A List Of Passengers On A Flight

It has its characteristics to follow. Some of its features are describing below:

  • Data Collection: It is a paper consisting of data related to passengers. Airlines store data safely in their files. Ticket numbers, name, citizenship, etc., personal data are found on that list.
  • CRS: Airlines workers transfer passengers’ data to CRS(central reservation system). They may not have their own CRS. So they host inventory and take flight bookings on GDS(global distribution system) like Travelport, saber, Amadeus, etc.
  • Special Carryings: Not all people are fit. Some may be in a wheelchair or blind carrying a stick. Airlines put information in manifest to give them good service.
  • Reservation: If a passenger booked a seat, then his or her name should be on the passenger list. After canceling the flight, the airline officer would delete his or her name.
  • Contacts: Passengers may put their email, phone number, or address in the list beside their name. It helps airlines to contact passengers in any case.
  • Privacy: Yes, the passenger list is private, and not everyone can see that list. Passengers are not allowed to see the passenger list to maintain the secrecy of data.
  • Seat: Crew members can check passengers’ registered seat numbers in that list. 
  • Date and Time: You can also find the flight’s arrival and leaving date and time there.
  • A Respected Passenger: If you have your name on a passenger list, then you are about to receive a wholehearted welcome to flight. Crew members will give you good service and a happy plane journey because your name on that list confirms that you have a seat on that plane.

Can The Passenger List Of A Flight Be Checked Online?

Can The Passenger List Of A Flight Be Checked Online

Yes, the passenger list of a flight can be checked online. However, before doing so, it is advisable to confirm that the information you are looking for is actually available on the carrier’s website. Airlines may change their policies and procedures from time to time, so it is important to verify the validity of the information you are seeking before making any decisions.

Passenger lists for commercial airlines can be checked online by entering the airline’s registration number in the search bar on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website. Once you have entered the number, click on the “Search” button to begin your search. The results will display a list of all passenger lists that have been registered with DHS since January 1, 2005. You can then view each list by using the filters provided. You can also contact DHS about a specific passenger by using the “Request a Passenger List” form on this website.

Importance Of A Flight Passenger List 

Officers prepare a flight passenger list considering various situations. It has tremendous importance giving below: 

  • Providing better service: The list maker mentioned people who need special care( autism, deaf, sick, etc.) in that list. So crew members can give them exceptional service.
  • Anti-terrorism: A passenger kist is full of passenger data. So it helps airlines to know about you well. Airlines allow police to provide these data to investigate and to a terrorist act.
  • Helping police: Crime or accidents can happen anywhere. Passenger list helps police or officers to investigate and solve cases.
  • Reports: Airlines officers need to make reports. They can prepare an accurate description by taking information from the passenger list.
  • It is helpful for crew members: It is the last thing that crew members have before the door is closed. A manifest provides information that crew members need.
  • Seat booking: It identifies how many seats people have booked or available? It makes it easy for reservations.
  • Helping tourists: Someone may lose essential things on a plane or airport. Airline officers can contact that person and allow him to get back lost items.
  • Good management: There is no alternative to good governance to ensure good flight service. Supplying foods,.medicines, or necessary items to passengers is mandatory. You need to know the exact number and unique needs of passengers one by one. A passenger list helps you to go through the paperwork and manage everything wisely with passengers.


Hopefully, you learned well about the list of passengers on a flight. It is indeed on a beautiful flight journey. It helps a lot to put good relations among passengers, crew members, and airlines. 

To make passenger journeys easy, comfortable, secure, and for further help, airlines create passenger lists. It is on the crew member’s hand. A passenger has to book a seat for a flight journey, and then the officer puts his name on the passenger list. It is an essential part of the job. A responsible airline always keeps records of passenger lists. 


1. Can I See the Flight Passengers List? 

No, you cannot access the flight passenger list. It is private information. For security and privacy concerns, airlines do not share passenger lists in public. But you can see your details.

 2. What is a Flight Passenger List Called?

The flight passenger list is called manifest. Many years ago, we used to call it manifest. Nowadays, it is starting to have a passenger list. Crew members had that list to check passengers.

3. How Can I Get to Know Someone Who is on a Flight or not?

You can call airline customer care to know someone is on a flight. They can confirm whether their desired person boarded or not. But you cannot ask about random people. You can get to know if that person is your family member and you booked a ticket.

4.  How can I know the Total Passenger Number of a Flight?

You can check out passengers’ total number on the Airline’s Booking Page. By booking a flight through the airline or third party, you can know about the empty seats. Easily you can book another seat for your dear one.

5. Can I Know If A Passenger Has Embarked On Particular Flight?

Yes, you can use the myTrip app to find out which passengers have boarded a particular flight. Just enter the flight number and the date range that you want to check, and the app will display a list of all the passengers who have boarded that flight. If you have any questions about a particular passenger, you can click on their name to view more information about them, including their passport number and other travel information.

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