Is Providence Ri Safe?

The origin of Providence Island is a source of controversy among historians. It was originally believed to be an accidental discovery by the crew of the Pinto, but it has been argued that it was actually one of Columbus’ intended destinations. What’s more, if Columbus did not find gold on his third voyage he would have sailed straight back to Spain, where he could have become immortalized as a national hero and could have even been crowned king.

When you hear the word “Providence,” it is easy to think of Rhode Island as a traditional place. But Providence has a lot more to offer than just beaches and historic buildings. It’s a place that loves all types of music, especially reggae and hip-hop.

Violent And Crime Rate In Providence Ri

Providence crime rates continue to climb. The violent crime rate continued a trend increase in the first six months of 2019 and was second only to violent crime reported by New York City. Property crime continues to be on the rise with larceny theft being highest at 16,499 incidents per 100,000 Rhode Islanders according to data collected from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR). Violent Crime in Providence Ri (Today) – 2019 Increase.

According to data reported by the FBI UCR, overall violent crime is up nearly 8% at a rate of more than 31.1 incidents per 100 thousand residents for 2018 compared with 2017 figures. The increase follows about one year following enactment of international agreements related to Afghanistan and Philippines that targeted border security; opioid control efforts; sex offenders registered under Megan’s Law.

Providence crime rate stats come from the annual crime report published by the national criminal background check system (necks). The data in necks are obtained through a combination of sources, including local agencies and law enforcement organizations. NCCS reports include quick crime rate statistics for all types crimes collected by nick. Capital city is a Fairfax, Virginia based non-profit that works to improve education in Providence RI. Capital City offers free on-line programs for school and college students with articles related to personal finance and post-secondary educations. The organization provides informational classes about money management, loans and debt reduction as well as various tips relating the subject at hand. It also operates scholarship efforts leading off from men or women who have lost their lives due from crimes conducted.

A national average of 21.1 property crimes per 1,000 people (in 2010) has dropped to 15.4 in 2019. The drop is almost across the board in most states but mostly among large cities including major metros like San Francisco, loss Angeles and New York that have high rates of crime – especially violent crime which affects national average more than the other kinds since they turn into a hot spot for violent tendencies due to history or their population makeup.

Be Aware Of This Crime If You Are Going To Visit Providence Ri

The following crimes are a top list of crime which happens in Providence There are other cities that this can happen In Other Places.


In Providence, Rhode Island, burglary is the most common of all property crimes. There were 26 reports for every 1 million people in Providence during 2018. That’s a rate of 2 per 100,000 people – roughly one burglary report for every two city residents – which makes it second only to San Jose among big cities.


Crime in Providence ranks among the safest places to live in America. you have a 1-in-35 chance of becoming a victim of crime when living there — that’s one of the lowest chances out of all communities surveyed across the country. violent crimes such as rape, armed robbery, and assault pose an especially low risk; here each stands at a rate below average. For property crime, Providence sees less incidence than most other cities and towns its size.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Providence is ranked #4 for motor vehicle theft and it has a slightly higher crime rate when compared to other communities in the state. It had 18% less than average incidents of motor vehicle theft when compared with all cities over 100,000 people.

How to Become Safe Visiting Providence Ri

How to Become Safe Visiting Providence Ri

If you want to visit the places of Providence Rhode Island, here are some tips.

1) Want a safer experience while visiting? Get home early so that no one bothers you and its safe for them as well.

2) Always lock your car doors when parked if someone approaches it but don’t be too loud or angry because they can get scared on purpose to scare away others in order to stop happening more often That’s not how being friendly is supposed to work and that may make crime increase.

3) Go easy on drinks and have only one if you feel okay with it. Try not to get behind the wheel as safe driving effect of alcohol will be reduced by using substances like drugs, but do not let yourself fall asleep at any time while taking care of your vehicle or walking along roadways because then they won’t see familiar passengers in their eyes without even knowing when they are speeding at times.

4) The Providence sights especially the bridge or walkway is not just a walking capitol anymore with all the buskers, skateboarders, drummers and others around you that don’t really know how to be respectful when it comes down to other people (or are vulnerable yourself).

5) Keep your jewelry on if possible — thieves prefer inward-pointing hooks for pulling out rings & earrings because of How it Works

The ring is connected with a spring. Once the door of the car opens to either side, thieves can apply force by pushing against the laser signal triggering mechanical action that flips back and forth switching between two circuits operating silently inside; one circuit triggers an electric motor in a small box within which another wiring hole, activated from outside where again there’s changing signals for opening or closing depending on whether someone has locked their car doors.

However, Providence is one of the safest cities in America. It has safe neighborhoods, safe parks and outdoor activities, safe public transportation facilities, safe air travel and other forms of public transportations. The crime stats show that this place is very peaceful with low instances of crimes being committed at any place or time in Providence city limits.

Why Should You Visit Providence Ri?

Providence is one of the most historical cities in united states with a wide range of activities and events which you will surely enjoy while touring this city, such as boating systems, walking down beautiful Providence River along scenic walkways or simply enjoying elegant parks to relax.

Providence also has many shopping malls like Southgate Plaza Mall by Popular Inc., large chain stores & department stores in addition to numerous quaint shops around The Canal way Shopping District outside its famed Providence Place Mall.

The city has historic sites such as University of Rhode Island campus and several parks including the Greenway, Riverside Park, Roger Williams Historical Forest & Fort Tilden State Historic Site

Attractions in Providence RI This city has its own unique and fascinating culture unknowingly contrasting with the popular cities of Boston, New York and Washington DC.

Rhode Island boasts many famous landmarks but some prominent ones include Honeyville Square, Roger Williams Park, Providence Place Mall which is one of the largest shopping malls in Rhode Islanders, two huge cruise ports along Narragansett Bay as well as 10 colleges & universities around this town where you can seek a perfect education. Crime in Providence, Rhode Island is safe place to live. If you love the location then place some order for your apartment and schedule an appointment with a real estate agent for selling or leasing property.


Providence rig is safe, but it is not a scam. It will give you a good return on investment in the long run. You can invest your money and let it grow for years to come. But do not put all your eggs in one basket as some people do. When investing in providence rig, don’t be greedy and buy everything that they have advertised. However, if you have a steady income, it is the best place to invest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Providence?

Providence means “place of many waters.” Providence is the capital and most populous city in Rhode Island. It is located on a plateau at the confluence of two rivers, loaded with natural resources such as land to build building for development.

Is Providence RI A Good Place To Live?

No, Providence RI is not a good place to live. What you will find in the area there are short people and about 3% of residents living above poverty line which makes it low-income city this means that majority of people who lives in breezy heights does so because they can’t afford anything else besides home.

Is Providence Really Safe?

Well, the crime in providence rig is real but the problem they have are because of poverty. For example, if you live on graham street and from what I know there aren’t any problems at all especially before 9 pm when youth gangs begin to roam around downtown for turf wars. But after that it gets hard deciding who’s going to attack whom

How Do I Get In Contact With The Community Of Providence, RI?

Well, to get in contact with community of Providence RI it is best way through your local real estate agent(i.e.). The best way to get local real estate agent is on Facebook. But don’t worry there are several groups in this town and each community has one or two representatives of it.

What Is Providence RI And Why Should I Live There?

If you live in Providence RI, there are several entertainment options such as events at the civic center or other state parks to have social fun.

Providence Bay on the east side of town is a popular place for water sports and boating such as rowing, canoeing and sailing. One hour trip will cost you $15-$17 per person which includes lunch and 2 drinks unless its busy then it might go up but it’s really not expensive.

Is Providence, RI Dangerous?

Well, crime rate in providence is lower than other cities however traffic accidents are really bad. Local government laws such as trespassing on city property and public conduct are important to keep the town safe but there’s still unfair treatment against minorities which leads them to doing meaningless acts without any intention of being caught.

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