How To Unlock Luggage Lock Without Key [Step-By-Step]

While traveling, you need a bunch of things. By putting every essential thing in the luggage, you can start your journey thoroughly. Doesn’t matter if it is a function or a tour. Always keep your luggage ready.

But the problem comes when you can’t unlock the lock of the luggage. Irritating, right? Especially when you forgot to bring the Key to the luggage. Now the question comes, how to unlock luggage lock without key?

Traveling for hours, being exhausted, now can’t unlock the lock. Neither can you get your things out of the luggage, nor can you open it? Well, a big problem. Also, the fault is yours as you forgot the Key.

How To Unlock Luggage Lock Without Key

All the blame is on you. The problem looks more prominent if you do not have a duplicate key either.

But, no worry. There is always a possible solution for everything. We will look through some of the possible solutions in further discussion.

Different luggage provides different security options. So, check before buying. Then, choose the convenient one for you.

As safety comes first, you can choose your luggage based on the lock options. You can also find extra locks for better safety.

What Is The Use Of Luggage Locks?

What Is The Use Of Luggage Locks

Imagine you are traveling far. Suddenly, you noticed your luggage is open. All your essential belongings have disappeared. A nightmare that can happen.

To ensure the safety of your belongings, you need a luggage lock. It will give you extra protection. An efficient and robust luggage lock is always recommended. Though safety is not guaranteed, it is always a good thing to bring extra protection. Isn’t it?

Types Of Locks

Types Of Locks

There are different types of locks you can find in varieties of luggage. You can choose the luggage according to the lock options as it will provide safety for your belongings. Better choose the one which you can use easily. Now, let’s go through some of the most commonly used luggage locks.

Key Lock

Key Lock

It’s the most old-fashioned lock. It comes with a key (maybe more). The Key gives access to open the lock. In case you lose the Key, it can be a disaster too. You may need to saw the lock apart. But it can be opened in another way too. We’ll let you know the method soon.

Combination Locks

Combination Locks

One of the most popular locks is a combination lock. It is easy to open if you remember the combination. Generally, comes with a 3-to-4-digit combination. You can save it with your birth year or even the last digits of your phone number.

Most people do it like this. But do not use 0000 or 1111. Older people do that a lot. You can write the combination on notes or the phone so that you can find it easily. You do not need any key for that.

In case you forget the combination, you may need a master key. And the master key is found only in the manufacturer and TSA (transportation security administration) agents.

We will recommend you to use these locks. Combination locks are reliable than other locks.

Key Card Locks

Key Card Locks

It’s also a common one. Gives you a feeling of swapping credit cards. But, especially when you don’t own a credit card, children might find it fun. So, please keep it away from them, or there is a chance that they will damage it soon.

Cable Locks

Cable Locks

These locks also open with a combination but have a semi-flexible cable. As it is semi-flexible, you can move it as you want. More convenient than others.

Retractable Cable Locks

Retractable Cable Locks

Retractable cable locks are similar to cable locks. These locks allow the luggage to lock with other things or even with other luggage. As it breaks easily, it is best not to use it.

Though there are many types of luggage locks, no lock can ensure the safety of your luggage. Every luggage locks have its weakness. So, it can be opened easily, sometimes.

Now finally, returning to our main highlight.

How To Unlock Luggage Lock Without Key?

How To Unlock Luggage Lock Without Key l

As mentioned, key locks are the most old-style locks. If you lose the Key, you may need to saw the luggage. But, do you want a better option?

Well, there is an easy way to unlock these key locks. If the luggage closes with a zipper, then you need a pen or pin. You can also use a paper clip. Then, poke between the zippers with the pen until the pen can get through. Then run through the pen all over the zipper. It works. You can close the zippers as usual.

If it doesn’t work, then go to a locksmith and make a duplicate Key. It would help if you always kept a duplicate key, though. A luggage key lock always comes with several duplicate keys. So, at least keep one.

Also, make sure not to damage the zipper. Or else it will not work.

That’s how you can easily open the luggage without Key. It might feel a little bit tough, have patience. If you do not lose the Key initially, you won’t have to use this method.

So, make sure to take the keys.

Enjoy traveling!

Final Remarks

Luggage locks are pretty convenient and helpful. Though sometimes, it may not work. Still, locks will give you the safety of your belongings. So, better keep it. You can even use extra locks if you want.

Everything gets damaged in one way or another, so the locks. That’s why I always check the zipper of the luggage and also the locks. Otherwise, these will only bring you troubles. I hope now you understand how to unlock luggage lock without key.


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