Unlock TSA007 Lock Without Key [Solution Method]

Imagine, after a monotonous month, you have finally got a break from your rigorous work schedule. To get rejuvenated, you decided to go on a trip with your friends and family.

You have packed all your goodies and clothing and bought the brand new tsa007 lock to ensure security. You are very hopeful of enjoying your trip. But, suddenly, you got to realize you have forgotten your tsa007 lock key at your home.

All your commodities are inside your suitcase. You are horrified, as your whole trip is at risk now. Well, this is the biggest nightmare of a traveler. Obviously, we don’t want it for anyone.

Unlock TSA007 Lock Without Key

Now, let’s see how you can unlock TSA007 lock without key by following some easy but efficient steps.

What Is TSA Lock?

Common Questions About TSA Approved Luggage Locks | by PLAN ✈ AWAY | planaway-itineraries | Medium

TSA locks are locks, which can be open either using a key or a combination of digits. These locks are used in a suitcase so that goodies inside baggage stay safe and don’t get open by accident.

There are usually two types of TSA locks. One is attached, while the other is detached. The attached TSA locks are typically connected with the suitcase the traveler is carrying.

In contrast, the detached one isn’t attached to the suitcase. One may use them for locking their suitcase, personal boxes, diaries, etc.

In a word, they are beneficial and have variant uses. The problem arises when someone forgets the combination of their locks or loses their key.

For Forgetting Combination

Forgot The Combination To Your Safe? Here's What To Do

Forgetting passwords and combinations are always a problem. It is a task, which takes a lot of hassle to solve. In the present world, almost everything needs a password.

Our email account, Facebook account, linked in, Instagram, etc. But the digital world gives us a second chance.

If we have forgotten our password or combination, we are always offered a second chance to reset it by forgetting the password option. But TSA 007 locks belong to the real world.

And the real world doesn’t offer any second chance. But, nothing to worry about, as I will tell you about the steps of opening a TSA lock despite forgetting its combination.

  • Take any safety pin or hijab pin, whatever is convenient to you.
  • Take your tsa007 lock or the suitcase having that lock.
  • Now to the combination or dials of your lock
  • Take the safety pin and look at the underneath of one of the dials. After looking carefully, you will see there is a gap between the dial. Use your safety pin to confirm the gap.
  • If you don’t find the gap, then rotate your dials until that gap is noticeable. Here we have to keep the dial stay left-aligned.
  • Do the same thing with the rest of the dials. Remember, all dials must be left-aligned.
  • Press on the release button. You will see the release button is not going in. Your lock will not open until your release button entirely goes down and the zipper pulls down.
  • At this point, you will find out all the dials have the same number.
  • Now we are going to figure out the combination.
  • Let’s assume at this stage. You have a combination of 888 on the dials. You have clicked on the release button, and it has not worked for you. So what you to do, is change the combination by adding one number to every dial.
  • That means if you previously had a combination of 888, now add one to each of them, and the new dials you will get will be 999. Set this combination and click on the release button. Keep on doing it until the release button fully does down, and the combination is finally revealed.
  • After you have finally open your tsa007 lock, you will see a reset button there. Reset the new combination according to your convenience, and don’t forget this time.

You can do this whole process by using a card if they don’t have any safety pin. Any plastic or regular identity card would do the task. TSA locks play a vital role in ensuring the security of our baggage.

But it can be very troublesome when one forgets the combination. Therefore, it is suggested to keep a note or diary, where one can write down the combination to have a hassle-free journey.

For Jammed Lock

6 Steps to Fix a Door Lock That Is Jammed

There is a big chance that your tsa007 lock is not opening, despite dialing the correct combination. It is a prevalent consequence. It usually happens when you kept your suitcase or lock for an extended period.

The dials of the lock get rust because which correct combination also cannot open the lock then. This is a very irritating matter. I mean, you remember your dials still; they are not opening. It’s obvious to feel angry.

Now the question is, what will you do in this situation?

In this situation, there is a simple trick that might work for you. That is trying with dials that are similar to your actual dial. Let me give an example to make things more clear.

For example- You have a set a combination of 999 for your lock. Now it is not working. So what you will do, is change one of the dials with a number that has a similarity with 9. You can go for 8 here. So our new combination is 998.

Similarly, you may try with 989, then 899. Keep on trying until the zipper lock is open. Here I have chosen 8 because of 8 kinds of looks like 9.

I have not gone for numbers like 3, 5 which does not have much similarity with 9. So, choose a number that is close enough to your actual combination. Try the trick. There is a 90% chance it will work for you.

Suggestion: As I have said earlier, this problem happens when tsa007 locks are kept aside for an extended period. Try not to do that. Keep a check on them so that the lock doesn’t get tarnish.

Unlock TSA007 Lock Without Key – For Losing The Key

How to Find Your Missing Keys and Stop Losing Other Things - The New York Times

Despite losing the key and forgetting the combination, one might not open their lock for losing their key. What they should do in such a situation –

1. Paper Clip

The Paper Clip. Hunter Elmore | User-Centered Design | by Hunter Elmore | Medium

You can open it by using a paper clip. Take a paper clip. Put pressure on it and unfold the twist of it. Make it straighten and insert this straight edge inside the lock. Rotate it. Keep on doing that.

2. Hairpin

1/2 SUPER HEAVY DUTY Hairpin Legs Set of 4 Raw Uncoated | Etsy

if you don’t have a paper clip, then a hairclip will also do the job. The process is fully similar.

Final Suggestion

This trick might not work for you at the first attempt. So, don’t lose patience here. Try to understand the lock’s inner structure.

After you have fully figure out the key hole’s layout, insert your paper clip or hair clip and rotate it in such a way so that it fits the inside layout and finally opens for you.

Give this trick a shot. Though it might not work for you the first time, hopefully, you will be able to open it with some practice. I hope now you know about how to unlock TSA007 lock without key.

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