Where Can I Weigh My Luggage For Free

Whether you are flying or travelling by train, you must know the rule of how much baggage you can carry in both. If your ticket class is not specified, it is better to check the weight of your luggage before reaching the airport. If you carry more luggage than the allowed weight, penalties can be applied.

Some Points Where You Can Weigh Your Luggage

Luggage weighs a lot! And while that’s not news to most of us, it’s still important to know where you can weigh your luggage for free. Such as:

At The Post Office

At most courier companies and travel agents. There are usually scales to weigh luggage in a counter just outside their offices, but if not mentioned otherwise then don’t rely on this without trying it out for yourself first. Airlines and Airports (Most Landed in Malaysia)

At Some Supermarkets

Most of these supermarkets are allowed by the airline to weigh and tape your luggage (usually only one piece at a time). This ensures that all baggage you have carries exactly the right amount as stated on your ticket.

At Some Hotels

Check with the staff to see if their hotel offers this service. They may have large scales in a separate room and it might be possible that you can only weigh one piece of luggage at a time, but they will usually put your bag on the scales for you to confirm.

At Some Airport

You should also note that hotels who don’t offer weighing services are often very strict about checking bags too – where all checked baggage must weigh no more than 20kgs. At your airline ticket counter or call Centre. Most airlines offer this service and will weigh your luggage at the airport.

Some may allow you to check in with just one bag too, depending on which airlines are being offered by an airline’s baggage handling agents (a necessity if checking bags via courier). Again be sure to confirm with the agent as it may depend on what class of tickets you have booked.

Check Out Your Local Gym

Many gyms have special scales which you can use to weigh your luggage. They tend to have a smaller maximum total weight than other outlets but weigh your luggage on the spot. This can be useful particularly if you have something very valuable as it will ensure that no matter how heavy, an item weighs exactly what is stated in its label.

How To Weigh Your Luggage

There are a number of techniques you can use to correctly weigh your luggage. The most reliable way is a combination of methods and scales are:

 Luggage Scale

You can use a portable travel luggage scale. The ideal situation would be to have it with you at all times, but nearly always for such scales the best way is to go initially on full auto until something over 20kgs has been reached then switch to part weight mode so that no matter how heavy your bag we weighed as soon as anything over its 15 kg maximum is exceeded .

Regular Home Scale

If you do not need to use it with luggage there are travel scales that can be used regularly on home scale. These will have a higher tolerance for baggage weight, but require some time and patience to calibrate correctly .

As prices of such devices are generally between 30-40% above the average retail price it is advisable to buy your pound weights from somewhere high quality in this area.

The cheaper ones stem from sports shops catering more to recreational users and even such as have been suggested by Argos sales executives at home in the expectation that they may become incidents.

Airport Scale

The airport scale is designed to weigh bags and their people prior to or on arrival. Taking one also, does not have basic calibration as a matter of routine so you could weight at home, but for the cost savings associated with having a calibrated one full time .

Whilst it cannot deal with both airfreight shipments which can widely exceed luggage allowances , because are weighed in from outside before entering customs area within all modern airports , nor do we carry much of it in our own luggage, but for the price paid one would consider a long term investment.

Bathroom Scale

If you are away on holiday and unable to return home until your baggage is delivered, then in most countries they will know when they do so.Therefore should an overweight bag be presented, their duty of care demands that the scale be accurate without fail at the time you choose to travel again, and allow those locations one more opportunity (unless an alternate method delayed shipment)to keep a good record for customs administration purposes .

Simple And Accurate Method

The following method is one which I found for myself simple to calibrate, and especially so when a suitable scale was available. I hope you find it useful to do so too.

Before weighing a bag, and taking your usual measurements in fact I would suggest not using anything other than an accurately calibrated reading scales at all , put the empty bag on a flat surface where its weight is certain through the balance mechanisms picking up those weights easily, preferably with no books or other items inside making them compact in mass.

Tape Method

With this method ,and some available scales, you can do it all at once or separately and in any order that way. When using several separate pieces of tape because a bag is very heavy to me, it is much easier than trying one after another . I would suggest leaving about 20 cm each side for the balance beam to move on so neither needs shifting until things are set up correctly with clear center’s under the axes of the readings.

How Much Does Your Baggage Weigh?

After weighing, reset the scales back to zero and bring it up to its initial weight slowly. If you balance a bag very often with tape on one side then driving 1/4″ wide bolts in place along those sides for the beam this will dramatically reduce potential error when you travel again.

Can I Weigh My Luggage At San Francisco Airport For Free?

Yes, luggage can be weighed at the airport if you present your completed customs declaration form in person. The baggage checkers will also weigh your bag accompanied by a customs declaration form.

The permit allows you to come in and out of the country multiple times up to 28 days after leaving, so having that on arrival might be handy if you have missed connecting flights or arrive late at the airport for another flight. The cost for this service is $3 per piece . You are allowed 1 item of hand luggage free at any given time from CBP only.

How To Weigh Luggage Without Scale?

If you do not have a scale at home and also do not want to spend your precious time to travel from place A-B back then know there is no need for any other way if carrying lots of cash with you. Instead , try this easy method that’s free till baggage inspection.


If you are travelling by air and need to weigh your luggage, then you should know that there is a facility available at the airport where you can get help. Most airports have this service provided by companies like Security. The fees for using this service is low and you can use it whenever you want.

This service has become very popular in recent years because it is convenient, easy to use and allows customers to keep track of their baggage weight.

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