Best Time To Drive To Florida From New York [Travel Driving Guideline]

It’s always a great circumstance to do an east coast Road trip. But the fact is that you need to figure out the best time to drive to Florida from New York.

It would be great if you chose the month of June for the trip. Between June 20 and 22, you will get the maximum amount of daylight, which helps you be much more physically fit.

Best Time To Drive To Florida From New York

At the time of traveling there, you can stop at various beach destinations, and you can cool off by the water.

June Is The Best Time To Drive To Florida From New York

June is Perfect For Leaving For Florida

The month of June is really perfect for holding a trip to Florida from New York. Between June 22 to 25, your journey will be comfortable by the need of your expectation.

New York To Florida Drive (The Fastest Route):

  • The quickest time 18 hours- 2 days
  • The distance from New York to Florida is 2200 miles.
  • Distance from New York to Miami is about 1300 miles.

Some Breakpoint

When you start your journey from New York to Florida, first you can stop in New York City. This will be the most expensive place on your trip.

You don’t need a car there, but if you want one, then the renting system is available in New York City. While you are spending time in New York, you will obviously try some pizza, burgers, etc.

Some charts I’ve created day by day. For example:

  • Day 1 Uptown
  • Day 2 midtown Manhattan
  • Day 3 Lower Manhattan
  • Day 4 Downtown

There you can have some good times and vibes. Moreover, some hotels are always ready to provide you the best services. In New York, some hotels will be negotiable for you like: Made hotel, Arlo Soho, Hotel Brooklyn bridge, Williamsburg Hotel.

And the next breakpoint is Montauk, New York. There you can spend two nights. Such good vibes there. It is located at the very tip of a long island named the peninsula in the Hamptons. This place is prominent from the past because people love to surf here at the time of summer.

After a crazy few days in New York, you can spend some chilling time here.

Top class Tip: The temperature in Montauk is 10 degrees cooler than in New york.

Top Things You Can Do There

  • You can visit the Montauk lighthouse.
  • Also, explore Montauk’s village
  • Can do hiking at camp hero

Some hotels in Montauk where you can take some long breaths, such as : marram, Daunt’s Albatross motel, etc.

 The 3rd Breakpoint ( Asbury Park)

You can stay there for at least 2 nights. This place has a long history of music. It’s known for rock and roll musicians, artists, and surfers alike.

The 3rd breakpoint ( Asbury park)

Things You Can Do There

  • Can see the surfing show
  • You can walk on the Asbury Park boardwalk.
  • You can play games while drinking at Johnny Mac’s house of spirit.

Some hotels are prominent there, for example: the Asbury, Asbury ocean club.

Just like these, you will have lots of breakpoints like: Rehoboth beach, Norfolk beach, Blue Ridge Parkway, Hilton Head, charleston sc moreover, Savanna and lastly Amelia Island, Florida.

Give Some Trip Budget

Give some trip budget

 Necessity Of Gas

Firstly it totally depends on the current gas price. It would help if you spent 2$-4$ per gallon. Its cost is totally variable. So you must think about this.

Accumulate Enough Cash For The Tolls

 You have to make sure that you have enough sources of cash to pay the tolls. Because if you don’t have EZ Pass, then you will have to pay the tolls directly.  

Need Some Arrangements Too

  • Necessary things for making camp$
  • Rv parks$$
  • Hotels $$
  • Resorts $$

Snacks And Some Drinks

Usually, it would help if you emphasize making the budget low for the snacks and drinks because after reaching the place, you will find some restaurants for eating. So I will suggest that you need to make the budget low for this.

The Things You Can Do There

Naturally, we cannot do anything we want anywhere. In Florida, the museum is on the top list. So because of this, you shouldn’t force yourself to go there if you haven’t any interest in museums. But you can see  other lists:

  • Tours
  • Boat Trips
  • Museums
  • Water sports


Can I Rent a Car From New York?

Yes, why not. But the fact is that unconditionally you must reserve some cost for the extra charge and the fuel. Of course, you can rent a car but in this way, if you don’t have enough fuel that will be complicated for you.

Can I Go There for a Short Time?  

I cannot be affirmative here. Because if you want to go there, you will have to make a big plan with a lot of time. If you don’t have a lot of time, you shouldn’t waste your time making plans.

Are Food Facilities Good There?

Yes, It is. You can have every kind of healthy and fast food the way you had in your city. Evidently, you don’t need to be worried about getting hygienic foods.


Busy nights and the city lights are always a matter of disgust for us. Because every day we have to be engaged with these staff.

So we all need refreshment for a long time. Going to Florida from New York is enough for giving you the 100% output of satisfaction. The processing is not as complicated as we think. We need to care about our bookings, fuels, and costs.

Moreover, the most important thing is figuring out the best time when we can hold this trip. So you need to figure out a perfect time in June between 22-25, depending on the temperature. I hope now you know the best time to drive to Florida from New York.

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