National Parks To Visit In March

Good morning! It’s time to get back in the car, and give March a go. The weather is slowly improving as we head towards springtime, so won’t it be nice if you could stumble upon awesome new National Parks worth visiting?

The world’s most beautiful national parks, including the majestic Glacier National Park, will host thousands of visitors this March. There are just a few days left to book your ticket and join the adventure! Here’s our list of top five to visit in March 2019.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has seldom been more blue skies than over the next couple months. With beautiful fall colors welcoming us all (even though it’s still quite hot), there are many day-trips and stays to do in the Park.

Grand Canyon National Park

Same applies here (except that Blue Sky doesn’t apply as much). However, March is one of those months you can enter without extra gasoline or a car rental , which makes this light your route for an amazing trip…and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed .

Olympic National Monument

Apparently 73% of all winters are covered by snow in this park. The snow allows to discover the beauty of this area (and winter is one of nature’s best seasons!).

Yellowstone National Park:  While there are a bunch of activities, we will focus on wildlife! With over 200 species combined covered under federal and state laws that protect them , you can go for walks with your favorite animal guide. Animals aren’t scared away by humans at all! In fact, just read our Yellowstone Wildlife Blog to learn a bit more about the animals that call this park home.

Fuller Lake Nature Center

This is where we see what Yellowstone Park has to offer when it comes to wildlife (and snow, yes…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves….). The Fuller Lake area has plenty of activity over winter and can be one of your snowy day excursions in March . Peek at grizzly bears’ buttprints , how many bites from that little hydrophilic butterfly can you survive, antler wrestling and more.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

This is probably your best bet for a winter vacation in March! Wonderful fall colors have already appeared when you are there 🙂 if not, spring comes later which means great hiking trails…and time with nature again one of the highlights here (if ever life has something to offer). The Smoky Mountains’ beauty attracts millions of visitors each year, who stay for weeks under the shadows of dark ravines, along sparkling streams and sheltered lakesides.

Lake Malibu

If you don’t like cold weather , just hop on a plane to Mexico (through Los Angeles )…or even walk through its gorgeous parks…the beaches are nice too in that part of southern California . Take an hour drive between Encino/Los Angeles or Santa Monica area and you’ll right outside Los Angeles city…just west of the ocean. Just a few miles away is the beach town “Malibu” where you can enjoy guaranteed sunny days along with some of the world’s finest beauty in summer time (yes, really).

Summit Lake

Not as gorgeous or as crowded like most other parks and beaches near Los Angeles , Summit Lake will be your best bet for spotting some geothermal activity at its Trecker Volcano Mountain…but it is definitely worth a visit. There are many mountains in California that have their own volcanoes, smaller but just as fascinating nonetheless ( you don’t have to drive far to get there). You can hike the lakes or simply stroll along its shores when they are not crowded with touristic vehicles .


If exploration doesn’t satisfy you and more time is on your hands, N. Long Beach in Los Angeles can be a great option for lounging around (or learning how to surf if you’re into that sort of thing). Start at Royal Oaks City beach , which was voted best public swim area by the OC Register readers . Walk several miles west up Belmont Avenue towards downtown where some nice neighborhoods like Arts District can help cool off from summer heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Go For A Swim?

Yes. This hike starts at Royal Oaks City beach which is the family’s first stop in this area…you can easily take leaps into its refreshing waters, especially if you plan on staying there till sunset before moving towards the campgrounds . In order to visit both places and return home by car, make sure your vehicle has four-wheel drive or get yourself a bike.

What About Parking?

If the hike is organized, there will be plenty of volunteers who volunteer to help you find a spot. If not then it can be difficult to find and park your car especially when streets are packed with cars during peak hours (or as they like saying in Los Angeles: “rush hour”).

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