18 Reasons Of Why I Hate Traveling?

The planet consists of two types of people: people who want to travel and others not. I am the former more than that. Who will not travel, I mean?

Why I hate traveling? If you ask why people hate to travel on Earth. I enjoy traveling to new places, but the constant movement is tired of me. It is too much to move around all the time.

It seems like heaven when you’re not traveling a lot, going on a two-week holiday. Each phase of the process is exciting and new: anticipation, arrival at the airport, and check-in at the hotel.

Why I hate traveling

However, most unique experiences become repetitive and sometimes appalling when you regularly fly. Here are some reasons:

Issues I Faced While Travelling

Issues I Faced While Travelling

1. Packaging Is An Issue

Packaging Is an Issue

Many people fear that they must put too much work into packing light and ensuring that the baggage allowance is not surpassed.

Some also go to the food shop for toiletries at the last minute. For others, the packaging is quite a challenge.

2. It Is Not Worth The Destination

It is Not Worth the Destination

What is a temple to see? What is so interesting about this street? Ugh, it is a contaminated spot!

These are the kinds of complaints you can make when you visit locations that are not easy. You are going to find it is not worth getting on this plane.

3. Customs


Customs have become draconian in some countries, especially in the US and the UK.

It can be Royal pain to arrive in a new country, from hungry customs officials in control to dumb safety procedures that do not even have basic standards.

However, in all nations, it is not like that. It can be enjoyable to fly via Japan and many other countries.

But I want every Customs Officer to be pushed into Japan to see how they should behave. I understand protection.

4. Such A Money Of Waste

Such A Money of Waste

I know many people who do not like traveling because the future costs are already in mind. The tickets are too costly, and I hear excuses such as I do not have enough. It is partially true.

No one cannot and should not blame them. You would have to spend a great deal of money on traveling.

5. The Footprint For The Environment

The Footprint for The Environment

Environmental air travel is particularly destructive. The quicker you go, the more harm you do.

It is very costly to travel today, but the overall environmental impact is not a factor in our consumption. You are going to drive less if you think for the world.

6. Transportation


It is exhausting to learn new public services and navigate new cities, especially with lots of travel equipment.

It is nice to spend a long time in one place to find out where you should go.

Some cities like London and Budapest are very easy to navigate, but many towns have bad maps, and it was almost impossible to find details online.

7. Different Weather

Different Weather

People hate to fly because they are too scared to leave their areas of comfort.

Weather is certainly a mark or a break when choosing where to go, and I completely understand why. I’m not fond of weather changes at all.

8. Food Quality

Food Quality

The food is guilty of sucking! Whether or not I like food is the only thing that throws me off when I fly.

I love to eat, but generally, I keep to that which I tried before. I am scared sometimes that I will not get the worth of my money when I purchase food I may not like.

9. Hotels


Seeking new accommodations also requires a lot of time and resources. Agencies are terrible, and at least they also encountered a half dozen Craigslist scammers.

Similarly, hotels or resorts are to be found. It takes time to locate good residential areas. Checks and all competition help lower prices.

I also believe that they can improve online reservations at the hotel a lot.

10. Pain Is Adapted To Another Society

Pain Is Adapted to Another Society

Some people are simply hesitant. We need to consider local customs when we fly. It is something that we need to honor, and we’ll be aliens in their territory.

Some people dislike traveling because they need to adapt to the cultures of others. These are the people who do not want to abandon their areas of comfort.

11. Access To The Internet

Access to Internet

It was not perfect to be in Budapest with a USB internet connection. Vodafone sucks: it took three hours to get a non-existent internet stick outside Budapest from the supermarket.

The software did not function as promised on a Mac, and the Vodafone store refused to come back the next day. It goes to some cities, too.

12. I Don’t Want To Meet New People

I Dont Want to Meet New People

Like me, in small discussions and first impressions, some people are not healthy. I cannot connect with other people, mingle with them, and separate them from my fellow travelers.

Not only that, I feel very uncomfortable around unknown people.

13. The Crowds I Hate

The Crowds I Hate

Great crowds are bad. There is a lot of garbage and many other things. The lines are long; the air is humid.

With sweaty people who we do not realize, we would be elbow to elbow. In popular tourist areas, this typically happens for apparent reasons.

And as I told you before, I feel awkward around unknowns.

14. Routine Disaster

Routine Disaster

It is not possible to have a schedule while traveling daily. I love to work out every day and cannot wait to return to the gym.

It is challenging to find places to run in a city like Istanbul, and I can imagine just how filthy my palm is.

It takes time to find supermarkets of high quality to consume fresh, nutritious food regularly. It is fun sometimes going to restaurants, but too much is every day.

Daily journeys often ruin sleep cycles with hurricanes. A few sleepless nights have induced colds, mild dental difficulties, and a lot of cunning.

15. Uncleanness


The bigger cities worldwide have severe pollution and waste problems, especially in rapidly developing countries. It just gets worse.

Combine this with the regulation of smoking, and the cities around the world, it is challenging to attract clean air. The world’s biggest challenge is quickly getting clean air and water.

16. Time Is Short

Time is Short

Traveling takes time to schedule, prepare, enter a new place, see, and meet people. It just takes a lot of time.

That means that I have not concentrated as much as I like on my work ventures. When I am in constant motion, I do not contribute to the universe.

Travel is entirely self-sufficient. I still want to go out sometimes, but the world does not change.

17. The Worst Thing Is Late and Cancelation Of The Travel

The Worst Thing Is Late and Cancelation Of The Travel

Nobody likes unexpected changes in flight. The worst is this thing.

Your journey will be interrupted after all the hard work of preparing your trip due to a single delayed or canceled flight. It is a disappointment like that.

18. It Is A Sad Farewell

It Is A Sad Farewell

We go to the perfect spot, take a ride, but we must go away and say farewell. We will return to our dull everyday lives. This part everyone hates, at least I do.


Not everyone enjoys traveling around the world. People may judge me, but I wouldn’t say I like to go out of my comfort zone.

It is just who I am, and many others are there who would agree with me. Traveling costs, a lot, is not all about the money; since I suffer from anxiety, flying is much more frightening.

It will not change anytime soon, and for me, I am good without long journeys.

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