How To Measure Suitcase Wheels? (Step By Step Guide)

For years, suitcases have been a source of worry for travelers. Overpacked luggage makes it hard to take your suitcase through the airport and make it to your next destination.

It can be even more of a pain if you are looking for a rolling bag. Nowadays, there are many ways to measure the wheels of your suitcase in order to keep it from getting damaged during transport.

This article is a short primer on how to measure suitcase wheels, which may be used by you or your travel companion to gauge the length of the wheel (or wheels) of their suitcases. It also covers how to do this with a tape measure, and describes what you will need in order to perform this task.

How To Measure Suitcase Wheels

How To Replace Measure Suitcase Wheels

How To Replace Suitcase Wheels

If you’re looking to replace suitcase wheels, there are a few things that you’ll need to take into account. Firstly, the type of suitcase you have will affect the replacement process – if your suitcase has a metal frame, you’ll need to replace the wheels with metal ones; if your suitcase has a plastic frame, you can simply replace the wheels with a more durable option.

Secondly, the size of the replacement wheels will also depend on your suitcase – if your suitcase has smaller wheels, you’ll need to purchase larger replacement wheels; if your suitcase has larger wheels, you can purchase smaller replacement wheels. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that the replacement wheels fit properly – if they’re not fitted properly, they may cause instability and fatigue when travelling.

Types of Suitcase Wheels

Types of Suitcase Wheels

Suitcase wheels are typically used for maneuverability, or to reduce the damage that can be inflicted by snagging on objects in a bag. There is also a type of rolling suitcase called an “easy-walker,” which is designed to spread out weight as it rolls over rough surfaces such as gravel and wood floors.

Measurements vary based on individual preference and what kind of suitcases you own. Make sure you measure your luggage before placing the wheels on the X-shaped mark and then going to measure them at a different point.

 How To Measure Suitcase Wheels

 How To Measure Suitcase Wheels

  • To measure the length of suitcase wheels, you will need a tape measure and an X-shaped marking to use as reference points. Measure your wheel from one end point (usually designated where the wheels begin) until it reaches a second stripe or mark on either side that is perpendicular to its direction.
  • Carry out this activity at ANOTHER part of your luggage BEFORE putting all of the bags together– Make sure there are no other items blocking what you are measuring.
  • Measure from one point until it reaches the bottom of the suitcase wheel (or to where your crosshair ends)
  • Connect this line with another that is perpendicular at a distance away from its direction and extend it out as long as possible– in this case, for my luggage, I measured about 4 inches more than the length of my wheels before connecting lines. This will allow us to estimate their maximum width.
  • Measure the distance between two perpendicular lines (or marks) to get both sides of your wheel’s maximum Width in inches or centimeters– In the image, these measurements are at 5 and 6 respectively
  • Place 3-inch by 1/2-inch tape parallel on each side of a marked line
  • Attach new wax crayon stick over pins 5 & 6
  • Mark lengthand widths
  • Get an UltraSuede pencil/marker for this step as these wheels have a slight taper to them
  • Measure the distance with your tape measure between two perpendicular lines
  • Make mark where one of the straight lines (the “X”) is located on both sides.

 Can You Replace A Wheel On A Suitcase?

 Can You Replace A Wheel On A Suitcase?

If you are looking for a quick answer, then no. If you want to find out the exact steps that need to be taken to replace a wheel on a suitcase, then yes.

First of all, if your luggage is made of hard-shell material, then it will not require any disassembly. The only thing that needs to be done is take off the side handle and pull the zipper open in order to access the wheel compartment inside.

For soft-shell suitcases like leather or vinyl, disassembly may be required so follow these steps:

  • Remove all contents from your bag by unzipping its pockets or compartments.
  • Take off any attached straps like those found on top of a backpack by pulling them towards the middle or front of your bag.
  • Remove any handles at either end of your bag by gently pressing them and sliding them towards the middle or front of your bag and remove them from their respective holes. Next, remove any straps connecting your carry-on case’s two ends together by using one hand while simultaneously using another hand on each end (at both sides).

Once they are removed, slide them away from each other before removing both handles in order to gain access into the suitcase’s interior compartment where you can find the wheel compartment with ease (see step 1).

What Are The Benefits Of Measuring Suitcase Wheels?

What Are The Benefits Of Measuring Suitcase Wheels?

The benefits of measuring suitcase wheels are:

  • The measurements can be obtained without a ruler or tape measure.
  • The measurement is not affected by the shape, size, and weight of the luggage piece.
  • It’s easier to handle heavy luggage with two wheels rather than one wheel.


Measure suitcase wheels are a little different from other types of wheels. They’re made to fit in suitcases and are typically used for airline travel. Suitcase wheels are often smaller than the standard bicycle disc, so you need to be careful about how you measure them when you purchase a new set.

The most important thing is that the rims should have the same diameter as your existing wheels. If they don’t, then you’ll need to buy a new set of rims too! Before buying suitcase wheels, make sure that they’re compatible with your existing set of rims; if not, then it’s best to just stick with what you already have!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Can I Use This Information To Make My Life Easier?

Ans: If you’re looking for some advice on how to use this information, we would suggest that you consider using it as a starting point. Think about the different sources of information and make sure that they provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. Lastly, think about what type of person or company is giving the info and decide if it is worth your time.

2.What Is The Best Way To Measure Suitcase Wheels?


  1. Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on all four sides of the wheel.
  2. If you have a ruler, use it to make sure that the distance between the front and back edge of each wheel is at least 3 inches wide.
  3. Measure from one side of the wheel to another and make sure that there is an equal amount of space on both sides as well as on top and bottom.

3.Do You Measure Wheels On Checked Luggage?

Ans: The dimensions of checked luggage vary depending on the airline. In most cases, the maximum dimensions are allowed to be 55x40x25 inches or 22x16x10 cm. I hope now you know How to measure suitcase wheels.

4.How to Measure Luggage for Airlines?

Ans: There are a few ways to measure luggage for airlines, but the most common is to use the standard dimensions of 52x35x21 cm. If your luggage is bigger or smaller than these dimensions, you will need to measure it yourself and adjust the measurements accordingly.

When measuring your luggage, be sure to take into account the height, width, and depth of your items. You should also make sure that your luggage is evenly balanced and doesn’t weigh more than 20 kg. Finally, make sure that all your zips, straps, and clasps are in good condition – airlines may require that all of your luggage is securely fastened for airline transport.

5.Do The Wheels Count When Measuring Luggage?

Ans: This is a common question that people have, and the answer is somewhat subjective. It all depends on your travel style and what you’re looking for in a luggage bag. In general, however, most experts would say that wheels do count as part of the measurement – so long as they are functional.

That means that if your luggage has wheels that actually roll, you’re good to go. Otherwise, check to see if the bag has handles or straps that make it easier to move around – those might suffice.

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